Friday, April 11, 2014

Discussion on natural gas and fracking

The following email discussion occurred spontaneously from April 7 to 8, 2014, among some members of CUCC’s Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force (JCC).  A member of the JCC forwarded to the task force an email exchange he had with a member of the NC General Assembly.  The JCC member urged others to write to their representatives to ask them to not support fracking as a way forward to meet North Carolina’s energy needs.  A question posed by one JCC member (member C) led to a forwarded email exchange and sparked an important and ongoing discussion about natural gas, recorded here with the writers’ permission.

Emails between CUCC member B and Legislator A

Dear Legislator A,
Drilling for shale gas and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) have contaminated drinking water sources and wells, and have caused air pollution and fractured communities in the states where they are occurring. A variety of health impacts to people and animals have been reported near shale gas development.
In North Carolina, the drinking water sources for millions, including hundreds of thousands of well users, could be at risk.
We, the undersigned, urge you to reinstate the permanent ban on fracking and horizontal drilling for shale gas in North Carolina and to continue the ban on underground toxic waste injection.
Thank you.
Sincerely, CUCC member B

Dear CUCC member B:
Thank you very much for your email.  I agree with you completely.   I do not believe North Carolina is ready for fracking, but if we do move forward with fracking, our citizens at the very least have a right to know what chemicals are being used.  I will continue to fight for our citizens' safety in North
I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.
Legislator A

Friday Email - 11 APR 2014

All Church Workday Tomorrow Morning, Saturday, April 12th
April 11-12 Youth Spring Lock-in!
Joy Alford to lead 10:30am Worship Service with Palm Processional this Sunday
Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Dying this Sunday, April 13
Forum for Sunday, April 13
A Theological Conference, Saturday, April 12, 2014
Property Purchase Funds
Caring Committee
Retirees’ Group
PFLAG Potluck and Special Guest Speaker 
Maundy Thursday Service
Good Friday Devotion
Easter Sunrise Service
Flowers for the Resurrection Cross
CUCC Family Fun Auction Party
 “Climate Change and the Old Testament”
Say it with Flamingos!
Spring Congregational Meeting - May 4

Change of topic for April 13 Forum

Dream People of the Amazon:  The documentary, "Dream People of the Amazon", tells the story of an indigenous people in the Amazon who are faced with the dilemma of protecting their environment and their way of life from the encroachment of multinational oil companies.   Their dreams collide with the dreams of outside companies.  The Amazon community is seeking solidarity with the outside world and this story is part of our global conversation about the health of our planet.

Join us at Forum, 9:15-10:15am, in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.

- Submitted by Shirley Birt for the Forum planning committee

Thursday, April 10, 2014

COM establishes a new CUCC record for virtual meeting participation

The Communications Committee is proud to announce that on Tuesday, April 8, the Community Outreach Ministry set a new church record for attendance at a virtual meeting. While the COM has been holding occasional virtual meetings for some time, on April 8 the COM had 6 participants in its monthly meeting.
Furthermore, two of the participants had simultaneous child care duties, so their participation would have been impossible if the meeting had been a traditional meeting at the church. According to COM co-chair Jo Perry, the choice was either a face-to-face meeting with perhaps 3 people, or the virtual meeting which set the new attendance record this month. So "going virtual" not only enlarged participation, but also eliminated 50-100 miles of unnecessary driving and a couple of person-hours spent behind the wheel.

Chalk this up as a step in the right direction toward CUCC's goal of finding actions we can take in support of our climate initiative.

For more information about online video conference using Google technology, contact Jo Perry. The Communications Committee also is willing to provide help for groups wishing to step into the world of virtual meetings.

Monday, April 7, 2014


CUCC youth are organizing our 2nd annual church-wide camping trip to Umstead Park on May 9! Join us for any of the following: dinner, games for all ages, a camp fire, and/or cabin camping. Sign up sheet will be in the narthex beginning April 13, or you can email your response to Santi.

CUCC Adult Forum, April 2014

Learn from experts and prepare yourself for faithful action.  The Adult Forum meets each Sunday at 9:15am in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, April 6: Preventing Gun Violence Gun Violence is a national epidemic. In North Carolina there are annually over 1,000 lives lost to gun violence and an estimated 3,000 more injured by firearms. Gail Neely, Executive Director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, will be speaking about what we can do to help prevent this ongoing problem.

Sunday, April 13:  Southern Workers' Assembly.  Our economy is keeping wages down and making it harder for many people to make a liveable income, but workers are coming together to speak out about job issues.  There is an upsurge of new energy in the South.  The Southern Workers' Assembly is helping people to organize, unite and transform labor power and to seek fairness and dignity in the workplace.  Dante Strobino, Field Organizer, from the Assembly will join us to share information about their work and how we can participate in this movement.

Sunday, April 20: Easter Sunday - No Forum.

Sunday, April 27: Prisoner Re-entry Members of the Prisoner Re-entry Task Group of the local Congregations for Social Justice group, of which CUCC is a member, will introduce some of the many problems faced by people who have finished serving their terms in prison and are attempting to re-enter civil society. Someone formerly incarcerated will tell her (or his) story.

An Invitation to All Women of the Church

 Tuesday, April 29th, 6:30pm, Hoffmann Room

All women of the church are invited to a potluck, followed by discussion of our favorite books, considering options coming up for summertime reads and learning a little more about each other.

- submitted by Marty Lamb

Maundy Thursday Dinner and Worship - April 17

We are hosting our friends from St. Paul’s Christian Church for a special dinner of delicious soups and breads at 6:30pm in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall, followed by Tenebrae worship at 7:15pm.  This quiet service is designed for people of all ages.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Email - 4 APR 2014

Kerma Hazel
Food Bags Due This Sunday
We Welcome Ruth Pardue as Our Guest Musician this Sunday­
UCC Conference For LGBTQI Concerns
Forum, Sunday, April 6th
“One Great Hour of Sharing”
ONA Task Force Meeting Sunday, April 6th
“Groundswell Rising, Protecting Our Children's Air & Water”
Souls to the Polls – April 6, 2014
Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh – April 8th
April 11-12 Youth Spring Lock-in! 
All Church Workday – Saturday, April 12th
Say it with Flamingos!
Congregations for Social Justice Conference
Property Purchase Funds
Save the Date! Annual Spring Auction
“Climate Change and the Old Testament”

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Souls to the Polls Logistics

More volunteers are welcome to help with a final push for Voter Registration this Sunday, April 6.  Contact Gray Woodard if you are able to help.  Here is a note on logistics from Gray.
"Thanks for signing up to do voter registration Sunday afternoon.  CUCC is partnering with Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh just down Wade Avenue from our church (directions).  They are going to serve us a light lunch of sandwiches, fruit, chips and cookies between 12:15 and 12:45. If you can be there in time for lunch, please do attend. If you want to bring something simple to add to the lunch table, you are welcome to do that.

After lunch (so, about 12:45-1 p.m.) Nancy Moxley will be doing a short training session for canvassers and providing maps and materials from Democracy-NC. Even if you cannot make it to lunch, you should plan to be at UUFR by 12:45 for training and canvass assignments.

We will meet it the upper level at their Peace Hall which is a reddish clapboard older building which is closer to Meredith.  You cannot turn left into that parking lot from Dixie Trail.  
Feel free to call or email me with questions and thanks for volunteering.  Your efforts will make a difference!
Gray Woodard"