Monday, September 26, 2016

Film Festival Opens

"A Rude Awakening," an independent short film written by Raleigh's Bina High and directed by CUCC member Karen Withem, and filmed entirely within Raleigh, is an official selection by the Great Lakes International Film Festival. The 6-minute film is now available for viewing (price $2) and voting an audience favorite (included in the $2 fee). There are thousands of festivals now in the U.S. and GLIFF is in its 15th year and a well respected virtual and live fest based in Erie, Pa.

Viewing and voting can be done now through Sep. 30, and audience favorite awards will be announced at a live event on Oct. 1.

Here's the link directly to "A Rude Awakening":

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Weekly News

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Youth attend Peace Picnic

Here are photos from our Peace picnic with Pullen Church last night. It was an inspiring event! I invited Diana Powell, from Justice Served NC, to come and share about how she was instrumental in the truce that has been called between the Raleigh gangs. Her presentation was heart-breaking, miraculous, and beautiful! We are so grateful to her and we look forward to more good learning and good work together! We invited her and the 9 Save The Youth guys to our church for a lunch event. We also made a peace pledge and signed a peace banner. The evening was complete with pizza, peace cookies (lovingly baked by Susan Maleszweski) and everyone received a key necklace with the phrase "You are the key to peace!"

Submitted by Śānti Matthews

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gas Shortage


This gas shortage has taken us all by surprise, hasn't it?

Last night when Ken and I were coming home from the Council meeting (to which I drove to for the first time in six weeks) we passed gas stations out of gas or with very long lines.

We need to conserve and be careful because we don't know for certain when we will have more gas.

Keeping that in mind, we've moved tomorrow's staff meeting until next Wednesday.  I'm working from home today and tomorrow.  Cathy is in the office today but will work from home tomorrow and Thursday and back in the office on Friday.  Santi will be around in the mornings to answer the phones and pass messages onto us, while she carries her own work load.

In this age of electronics, we get work done from many places so we are still in good shape.  Be in touch if you need us!

Let's all be wise and cautious as we dash about.

Blessings, Peg Williams
Intentional Interim Pastor
Community United Church of Christ

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Weekly News - September 14

A new edition of the CUCC Weekly News is available.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Karen Withem film to appear in Great Lakes International Film Festival

In the fall of 2014 I had the pleasure of observing our own Karen Withem directing a short film (7 minutes) that was made in Raleigh. (The two days of filming that I observed were at two locations. One day the movie set was in a hospital room at Wake Med, and the other location was at the intersection of Ridge Rd. and Glen Eden just a block from the home of Geraldine Bryan.) I played a minor role in helping with the logistics of the filming. (My truck appears in the film.)

The resulting short film called "A Rude Awakening" has been accepted to appear in the Great Lakes International Film Festival. This film festival has showcased nearly 1,000 films over the past 10 years including numerous films that have been aired on HBO, PBS, and the Sundance channel.

On-line screenings and audience award voting will commence Sep. 22 and run through Sep. 30. I'll post additional information once the schedule is announced.

Below are some photos I took during the filming session near Geraldine's house.

Karen conferring with the star of the film Hannah Elsie Chapman
 and the author of the script Bina High

Lining up the angles with cinematographer Chris Medico

Positioning the camera and affixing it to the car
for a rear shot of the driving scene

Affixing the camera for a front view of the driving scene

Shooting a scene on Ridge road with camera man in front seat and Karen driving

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcoming Sunday 2016

Welcoming Sunday is held in early September each year. It's sort of a kick-off event for the beginning of fall and the end of summer.  Susan Maleszweski, Nancy Stoddard, and Sue Cottle headed up a magnificent kitchen crew that supplied and coordinated the food for the event. And many of the church ministries staffed information and activity tables. More than 90 people attended the event.

These photos are from September 11, 2016. You can click the little expander button at the bottom of the slideshow (4 arrows pointing outward) to view the slide show in full screen mode.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekly News - September 7

The online calendar is always available and is always up-to-date.
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Donate your old eyeglasses - prescription or reading

If you have eyeglasses you no longer use, please consider donating them for the Sai Center health clinic which will be run on September 17.  The clinic provides free health exams and provides eyeglasses for clients who have none.  Prescription, reading glasses, children's and adult styles.  Joan McAllister will collect them this Sunday only (Sept. 11) in a box in the robing room.  Thank you!

September prayer for our new pastor - a suggestion

God, be with our new pastor whether he/she/they is deliberating about submitting a profile or is waiting for contact from the Pastoral Search Committee.  Let this be a time of renewal and appreciating friends.
As you pray for our new pastor this month, don’t forget to pray for our pastoral search committee:  Carol C, Fawn, Gary, Jason, Rachel, Roger, and Susan.