Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Youth Minister Position Still Open

Do you know anyone who might be interested in serving as CUCC's new part-time Youth Minister? The job description can also be found on the CUCC website and the youth bulletin board in the hall opposite the kitchen.

Thanks to CUCC for supporting this exciting growth in the youth program.

Part-time Youth Minister

This person should be theologically grounded in a progressive Christianity that welcomes diversity of thought and cultural heritage, is tolerant of differences, is Open and Affirming, and works to practice Just Peace.

  • This is a part time position. We anticipate an average of 10 hours per week.
  • Formal seminary training is not a requirement, though theological sophistication is expected (…Inclusive language and an inclusive theology from a Christian perspective.).
  • This person should view Christian youth education as a significant part of their personal mission, enjoy working with people, communicate well, have demonstrated ability to relate very well with middle school and high school youth, be organized and self-motivated.
  • Compensation is negotiable.
  • This position will be subject to a six-month probationary period and an Annual Performance Review.
  • The person in this position will attend meetings of the Youth Religious Education (YRE) Committee and, on occasion, the monthly Church Council meetings.
  • The Pastor of CUCC will supervise the Youth Ministries position.
    Extended time off to be coordinated with the Pastor.
  • Starting date negotiable. We ambitiously hope to have someone in place in November 2007.

Community United Church of Christ has a long history of community involvement, courage in controversy, deep concern for humanity, leadership in public issues, spiritual depth and joy, and warmth and friendship for the newcomer and stranger. In each generation, we seek to follow Jesus’ prayer "that they may all be one." Our youth programming is presently run by volunteers and has grown to the point that a paid coordinator is needed for further development. We seek a person to coordinate, supervise and minister to the aspects of church life that involve youth, from 6th through 12th grade, and their families, raising up the next generation of spiritually growing justice people through educational programs, worship experiences, music, and fellowship activities.

This person will be responsible for the Youth Programming at CUCC:

  • Working closely with the Youth Religious Education (YRE) Committee toward the general development of youth programming to be offered in Sunday morning church school, weekly youth group, and other appropriate times.
  • Leading weekly youth group events with rotating emphasis on fun activities and short term service projects such as Food Bank, Stop Hunger Now, etc. as well as interaction with other groups in the CUCC family. Lead or participate in other youth events as appropriate (ASP, etc.).
  • Building a relationship with each of the youth and their families through routine personal contact.
  • Recruiting, training, coordinating and supporting enough volunteers to adequately staff the youth program.
  • Accompanying youth on mission trips.
  • Representing the youth in the planning of church-wide programs and advocating for their inclusion when needed.
  • Assisting with, in coordination with the Pastor and Caring Committee, pastoral care of youth and families during times of special needs (transitions, crises, etc.).
  • Facilitating the youth budget (as managed by the Church and the YRE Committee) to provide adequate supplies for youth activities. This includes ordering, organizing and distributing supplies as needed and planning for fundraising for major mission trips.
  • Working with other CUCC staff and volunteers on the transition of older children to youth programs, including through multigenerational programming.

Resumes will be collected until the position is filled.
Email resumes preferred. Send resumes to both
The Rev. Steve Halsted (pastor and Pam Thompson (
Or mail to Community United Church of Christ, 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Youth Group Calendar

Sunday, September 2 Celebrate communion and welcome Pastor Steve and Marcy during the 10:30 worship service. No church school or Pilgrim House work today.

Sunday, September 9 Pilgrim House Workday. Start with worship at Taize' at 9:00. Stop for the Welcome Back Sunday potluck after worship. Dress to paint! Bring a brush if you have one.


In a soothing and ultra-clean white,

the bathroom and trim are done.

The "little room" has a first coat.

The gunmetal gray paint lurking mysteriously in the can of blue paint has been replaced. Next workday - finish the "little room" and put a first coat of blue in the "big room."
(For photos of the painters at work, check the youth bulletin board opposite the kitchen.)

Adults who enjoy painting are needed to help the youth September 9, after Taize' to noon. Call Jane Smith.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deacons Honor Nancy Calliham

On Aug. 26, the Deacons honored Nancy Calliham during the 10:30 worship service for her work as summer interim pastor. A wonderful reception (see photos) followed the service.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Welcome Back Sunday is Sept. 9

Welcome Back Sunday Potluck Lunch
Sunday September 9 following church
Bring a Covered Dish and Merriment

Monday, August 6, 2007

Hi Everybody!

Hello! I am fine. Just wanted to touch base with all you wonderful folks to let you know how things are going.

I may have found out what is wrong with my artificial knee, and found out a lot that is not wrong with it. It is in great shape mechanically. The artificial joint is solidly in place and shows no signs of wear or deterioration. The bones are strong. There is no infection nor inflammation. So why, you may ask does it hurt periodically? Well, my orthopedic surgeon isn't positive either, but thinks it may be peripheral neuropathy as a side effect from the chemo. It's funny that just knowing that the knee joint is fine despite the pain causes it to hurt less. He has suggested that I take Neurontin to see if that helps with the nerve pain- so far it just makes me sleep like death and get weary earlier in the day, even though I only take one pill at night. I can tell you I will NOT be taking it during the day! I probably will discontinue it since not only does it make me wayyyyy too sleepy, it also doesn't help the pain! I'll give it another week to see for sure.

I feel good otherwise. My hair has the consistency of a poodle. Little ringlets that currently lie flat against my head (mostly) but they are just itching to sproingggg forth. It's fun, and so different from fine, straight, limp hair. I have learned why I have always had problems with my hair styles... it grows from my cowlick around my head, clockwise. So the hair on the left side grows forward, and the hair on the right heads toward the back. My hairdresser has a challenge ahead of her!

Work goes well. I was very excited yesterday when the State budget was passed and included some bills that will greatly benefit foster teens and young adults- one continues Medicaid coverage for kids who age out of care until they are 21. The other provides tuition, fees, books and a room and board allowance to NC public universities or community colleges for youth who age out of foster care at 18 AND youth who were adopted after age 12. There are some other budget provisions that will also impact foster youth, such as the EARN program which will allow low income youth to get community college credit while still in high school. I am facing some large writing assignments developing policy, writing an RFP, and developing administrative letters that explain all this to the county DSS's. I'm also back on the road training, catching up with folks who have not had LINKS-specific training. I don't say this to complain- I really enjoy training, getting to meet the folks I normally only talk to by phone or email; I will take great joy helping the new laws become implemented on time; and it is a pleasant challenge to have the responsibility to write an RFP.

Chorus starts back up August 14, and I am looking forward to it. We did sing July 4 at the Festival for the Eno, which was really fun. Our next concerts are in late October, so we will be getting right to work.

One of the LINKS liaisons bought a t-shirt for me that says "fight like a girl" with the pink ribbon logo. Most of the proceeds from sales of the shirts go to Komen Foundation. They are REALLY cute and I have since ordered 9 more. They come in a periwinkle blue, dark lime, and chocolate brown. If you want to know more, get in touch with Tricia at

I hope she doesn't kill me for that! ;-)

Much love to all of you- I think of you often! You have taught me a lot about supporting someone through this illness- and I already have a friend from church and a coworker who have been diagnosed recently- We really do need to stop this disease!! Joan McAllister

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pilgrim House Basement Repairs Done!

Trim done? Check!

Shelves installed? Check !

Workroom cleaned? Check !

Half wall braced? Check!

Lunch ready?
Check! Check! Check!
Painting begins August 26
(Taize' followed by work)