Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Letter from the Moderator

15 November 2007
Dear Fellow CUCC Members and Friends,

At the congregational meeting on 2 December 2007, the congregation will be asked to endorse the signing of a letter of re-commitment to the support of RICH Park Apartments.

The facts to consider in this decision are these:
  • CUCC is one of five Raleigh churches that established the Raleigh Inter-Church Housing Corporation (RICH) to create and implement the RICH Park Apartments forty years ago and contributed $500 to that effort;
  • RICH Park was one of many similar non-profit developments in the nation that received financial support from the federal department of housing and urban development (HUD);
  • In July 2008 HUD will terminate the program under which RICH Park and many other non-profit low income housing projects received financial support;
  • Also in July 2008 RICH Park will have the obligation to pay the mortgage that HUD holds on the property. To make this payment, RICH Park will take out a new mortgage and pay it off with rental income from the apartments;
  • The RICH Park Board of Directors, the property management company retained by the board, and an ad-hoc committee of the board have provided a fifteen year financial projection. The projection concludes that RICH Park will experience its financial future securely in the black by following its tradition of prudent management and conservative assumptions;
  • The RICH Park property is currently valued at $5 million, which assures the five churches of the project’s viability and mortgage companies that RICH Park is a worthwhile investment from their perspective;
  • Four of the five churches have signed on to continue this important ministry;
  • CUCC Council has voted to join the other four churches;
  • The RICH Park Board does not view the letter of re-commitment as a contract. It instead sees it as an endorsement of the “leap of faith” which the five churches originally entered into to provide housing for low income people. Any of the five churches can pull out of the agreement at any time, but none has done so for forty years. A copy of the Letter of Re-commitment follows on a separate page.
If you have any questions, please contact me by phone 781-0829 or email

Yours truly,

John J. Little, Moderator

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


All is well! I had my new version of mammograms (ow) which showed that the scar tissue is reducing, the tissue is normal, and I'm not due for another one for 6 months. Blow bubbles for me!
Joan McAllister

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Video Suggested by Joan McAllister

Joan McAllister recommends having a look at this video called "The Miniature Earth" ...

Update from Joan

All my first anniversaries have passed now. I will be seeing my surgeon and getting an ultrasound on Monday to make sure all is well. It is strange because the surgery leave (duh) scar tissue which feels like (!!) a tumor! So I have no idea what things are supposed to feel like, and hope to get some clear information Monday.Recently I have been dealing with issues that may be side effects or outgrowths of the cancer treatment. Most recently, I have been diagnosed with asthma. I was absolutely positive that it was allergies, but unlike my entire family, I tested negative for all the suspicious substances- dust, mold, cat dander, grasses, leaves, etc. etc. etc. yet still have asthma. My allergist says that radiation therapy can cause that sometimes. I'm hoping that it will resolve over time- in the meantime I'm using an inhaler as necessary. The other side effect, which I mentioned a few months ago, is the neuropathy related to using Taxol in chemo- since it has been so dry and warm, I have not had much problem with the knee or ankle, but it did bark at me last night after chorus. And then there is the very funny side effect of my very curly hair. I would like to keep it, or at least the thicker hair that has grown in- sometimes people do keep the new "do".I heard from a chorus buddy that she has just been diagnosed with b/c-- she is about my age. She has a pretty strong attitude about it, and they did catch it when it was very small, so her prognosis is good. I'm losing count of the number of people I know who have or have had breast cancer treatment recently- while the process of treatment (for me at least) was manageable, it is a long and tiresome road-- and now I find that the aftershocks continue! I'll learn more about that this week. They probably don't mention it because it just will or won't happen- it's not like you would just not get treatment because you thought you might get asthma later.Other than all that, I am doing fine. Work stays very busy. Our chorus is starting to record a CD for our 25th anniversary. If you would like to reserve a copy, the preproduction price is $15 and I am taking orders. It should be quite good and will have songs from the chorus of years ago as well as recent songs. I'm also busy with my church, where I am co-chair of the property committee- the building is needing a lot of work, so that takes quite a bit of arranging and meeting and so on. I agreed to stay on until June since I missed half a year last year. I think I am nuts. Hope you are all doing well. I will send out a quick update after my appointment Monday. I'll appreciate your strong energy as I look forward to that appointment, as I am a bit nervous about it.