Monday, February 1, 2016

Pre-weatherization surges in 2016

8 men wearing dirty clothes smile at the camera
January 30 team after cleaning out an attic
Maybe the cold weather has brought the phone calls, but we're getting steady requests to pre-weatherize homes.  One morning of work makes a huge impact in the energy costs of a low income homeowner.  This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for someone who is meeting-averse!

CUCC, Raleigh Friends Meeting, and NCIPL have been doing clean outs and repairs of homes in our area so that the homes can then be weatherized for free.  Our preparatory work leverages federal funds to pay for professionals to insulate the home or install a new HVAC system.  Most of our work is low-skill - moving boxes away from walls,  emptying an attic and hauling unwanted items to the landfill.  We have worked in Wake and Durham Counties so far.  Friends are welcome.  This is truly a community effort.

If you are interested in being notified by email about future workdays, contact Gary Smith.