Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Email - 30 AUG 2013

Julia Mackintosh
Congratulation to Jaci, Tam, and Jonathan Westbrook
Food Bags Due this Sunday
Forum Resumes this Sunday, Sept. 1
TaizĂ©’ Worship
Welcoming Sunday
Fall Church Retreat
Keeping Homeless Families Together
Voter Registration Applications
Voter Registration Drive
Sept. 8 Rich Park Voter Registration Help Needed
Youth Parent Retreat
Launch of New CUCC Website

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Forward Together/Moral Mondays continues this fall

Volunteers needed
RICH Park Housing voter registration drive (Sep. 8, 3-6pm) - sign up with Jane or Bev
Future voter registration, photo ID, and driving to the polls efforts - ask Jane to put your name on the email list.  You can initiate projects and invite others to help you, or you can volunteer for projects that others have initiated.  Because the Moral Mondays/Forward Together ad hoc group won't be meeting regularly, these emails are how we will keep in touch.

Background on CUCC and Moral Mondays/Forward Together

Sparked by the NC legislative session of 2013, the NAACP of North Carolina sent out a call to the HKonJ coalition to gather in Raleigh to proclaim a more loving vision for our state.  Called Moral Mondays, these weekly assemblies were part celebration and part protest.  Inspired by speeches and chants, the crowd stood in witness to the General Assembly.  Some among those gathered chose to risk arrest as they took their message to their legislators in the building.

Members of CUCC responded to the call, prompted by the 2012 vote of the congregation to seek economic justice for all.  Dozens attended the rallies; a handful chose to risk arrest (p. 9).  As Moral Mondays became Forward Together, an ad hoc Moral Monday group met regularly:  organizing voter registration drives, assistance to people who will need photo IDs or rides to the polls, and participation in the ongoing rallies.

With fall Forum starting September 1, the ad hoc group decided to move its work to email.  If you would like to be part of that emailed exchange of opportunities to do voter registration, photo IDs and driving to the polls, contact Jane Smith.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Collaborative Website

On August 27, the Communications Committee released an updated version of the CUCC website. This transition was approved by Church Council at its August 19 meeting and had been under development since late May.

The primary purpose of the transition is to allow greater direct participation by groups in the church and an improved flow of information. Rather than have a single webmaster who services all groups in the church (as has been the case since creation of the church website around 1995), the new approach allows groups in the church to choose who will be posting and maintaining information on the church website on their behalf. So groups can have very direct involvement if they so choose, or they still have the option of passing their information for the website on to somebody else. If they do choose to ask someone to post information on their behalf, they can choose from any of several members of the Communications Committee, or anyone else in the church who has blogging skills or is willing to learn simple blogging skills on the group's behalf.

Already approximately half a dozen people have been involved in "webmaster" work on the new website, with an additional half dozen or so contributing information. So the collaborative effort is up and running. And you'll see a lot more activity and frequent updates at the website than you've seen in the past. Feel free to contact a member of the Communications Committee (Lavon Page, Chair) with your suggestions or requests.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Join the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington celebration

Wednesday, August 28, 5:30pm
You can find the locations of celebrations throughout North Carolina by watching this short and inspiring video.  Locations are listed at the end.

- posted by Jane Smith as me and at the suggestions of Joan McAllister

Friday, August 23, 2013

Forum begins September 1

Sunday, September 1, 9:15am
Vaughan Fellowship Hall
The first forum will be:  "2013 Legislation and the Responding Social Activism: Where are we headed?"  Open discussion on 1) the new legislation passed by the 2013 General Assembly in areas impacting social and economic justice, and 2) the increased social activism the legislation generated.  Discussion facilitated by Cynthia Ball.

Friday Email - 23 AUG 2013

Parents, Little Kids, Big Kids, and the Young at Heart
Welcoming Sunday, September 8
Forum Resumes September 1
Fall Church Retreat
Stewardship Update
Keeping Homeless Families Together
Youth Group Winds Up Study of World Religion
Take a Shift Registering People to Vote
Voter Registration Drive
Voter Registration Applications
Food Bags Due Sunday, September 1

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Email - 16 AUG 2013

Welcome Home Pastor Steve
New Playhouse for Children’s Playground
Youth to Cook & Serve Wright Center Meal this Sunday
Welcoming Sunday
Church Council
Stewardship Update
Gardening Therapy
Keeping Homeless Families Together
Voter Registration Applications
Shopping for a Great Cause

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rev. Barber speaks at the Wild Goose Festival

Joan asked me to post this link to a speech by Rev. Barber at the Wild Goose Festival in western NC last week.  She says to hang in there; by minute 38 you will be glad you did.
- posted by Jane for Joan

Save the Date! NC Pride is September 28!

Photo of CUCC at NC Pride, 2012
CUCC at NC Pride, 2012
CUCC's Open and Affirming Task Force will once again participate in NC Pride on September 28, 2013, at Duke University's East Campus.  Volunteers are needed to assist at the table and to MARCH, MARCH, MARCH in the Parade.  If you have never been to Pride, you have missed a life-affirming experience.  If you like to be thanked for being a member of a welcoming church, then this is the place for you to be on Saturday, September 28.  Hope to see you there!

Call  the church office (919-787-6422) or email Cathy at to sign up for a shift at the table or to make arrangements to meet the group for the march.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where can I recycle at CUCC?

Bulletin: brown wooden container in narthex

White paper, chipboard, flattened cardboard, and newspaper: green recycling curbside container under kitchen table

Cans, glass jars, plastic drink bottles: green recycling trashcan in kitchen

Rigid plastic lids: box on hutch in Vaughan Fellowship Hall.  Linda Baker is taking them to Aveda.  Acceptable lids collection guide

Batteries (not leaking):  hand to Jane or Gary Smith.  Do not put them on the shelf in the fellowship hall - fire and battery acid hazard.

Florescent light bulbs - tube and CFL (unbroken): hand to Jane or Gary Smith  Do not put them on the shelf in the fellowship hall - toxic mercury vapor hazard if broken.

Willing to collect an item from others at CUCC for cooperative recycling? Call Jane Smith.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Email - 9 AUG 2013

Volunteers needed for Playhouse Building Project
Caring Committee
Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh
Kevin Wilkins
Economic Justice Task Force
Updated Monthly Calendar Attached
Stewardship Update
Kindermusik Classes

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh: Tuesday, Aug. 13

Have you been looking for a group with whom to chew over the challenges of day-to-day living what you believe?  Join us at Tyler’s Tap Room in downtown Raleigh this Tuesday, Aug. 13.  We sit around a table with beverages in hand sharing our questions and swapping suggestions.  Come once and see if this suits you.  Bring a friend.  Anyone can suggest a question for consultation.  If no one suggests a topic, this week’s will be one of mine from Moral Mondays:  “How do I love my [political] enemy while also bearing witness on behalf of those being hurt by him/her?” 

Here are the logistics:  Those who want dinner arrive at 6:30 PM; those who only want a beverage come at 7 when we begin the conversation.  Dutch treat.  You can find Tyler’s at; there is well-lit parking on both sides of the building.  Look for the red “Life & Faith” comma at our usual round table on the far right.
A Gathering of Friends event

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Help build or provide snack/lunch for new playhouse

The property ministry of CUCC needs your help to build a playhouse for the playground.  We need interested folks of ALL AGES and ABILITIES to participate in the project:  a few project managers as well as strong folks, good counters, ditch diggers, site levelers, people who are good with hammers and screwdrivers and saws, gluers, painters, carriers, etc.  Volunteers to provide snacks and make sandwiches for workers would be WONDERFUL!!   On Saturday, August 17, we will do site preparation and we will build the playhouse on August 24.  We will do any last minute finish-up Sunday, August 25.  If you are willing to pitch in, please contact Nancy Stoddard or Joan McAllister. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Email - 2 AUGUST 2013

Steve’s Sabbatical
Food Bags for Urban Ministries
ONA Task Force
Moral Monday Discussion Group
Youth Remain in Worship Service This Sunday
Taizé Worship
Gardening Therapy
Deacons Meeting
Art Wall
Correction on email
New Playhouse for Children’s Playground

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Joan Little's sister now a movie star

Many of us fondly remember Joan Little's sister Lydia Davis. Lydia has been to Raleigh numerous times. At the time of the family gathering at the funeral home that many of us attended, Lydia was the sister who led the family in singing a Polish hymn in honor of Joan. (Lydia is now 80, and when she attended Catholic elementary school in Saginaw, all classes were still conducted in Polish. That practice had disappeared by the time Joan entered school, so Lydia was the sibling most fluent in Polish.)

Lydia has an interesting connection with the Korean War, and as a result Lydia has been featured in a documentary on that war. From an article describing Lydia's role in the movie,

A member of the Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 251 and the American Legion, Davis was invited to record her memories in the Delta College documentary, “The Korean War: Voices from the 38th Parallel.”

The article is entitled Korean War veteran shares a woman's perspective of the 'Forgotten War' in Delta College documentary and appears at the MLive - All Michigan website.

Here's an excerpt  that shows what a true groundbreaker Lydia was in terms of women's roles in the military ...