Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Email - 31 JAN 2014

Prayer Request
Food Bags
Economic Justice Task Force
ONA Task Force
Youth Sunday School Request
Tuesday Evening Taizé
You are invited to the 2014 Triangle Interfaith Alliance Annual Dinner
Carolyn and Cy King Peace and Justice Award
2014 HKonJ February 8
Housing for HKonJ Participants
After HKonJ, Lunch is an ASP Fundraiser
Parents' Night Out!
Youth-Led Love Party for Young CUCC Couples!

Have you RSVPed for Love Party for Young CUCC Couples?

Youth-Led Love Party for Young CUCC Couples!
Sunday, February 23
6:00-8:00 p.m.
CUCC Fellowship Hall
All young couples (couples with elementary aged kids... young couples with no kids... young couples married and those not married) are invited to a party! We want a chance to celebrate and honor young couples in our midst. Fun and fresh Neomonde food and beverages provided. Please RSVP by February 9 to the church office and/or direct questions to Śānti Matthews.

Parents, have you RSVPed yet for Parents' Night Out?

Parents' Night Out!
Saturday, February 15
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Youth will provide childcare, pizza, games, and crafts for CUCC children while parents enjoy a night out. Please RSVP by February 9 to the church office and/or direct questions to Śānti Matthews.

Travel size toiletries needed

Please consider bringing travel size toiletries to church with you on Sunday this week and/or next. The Faith at Work youth church school class is collecting them for Project Homeless Connect. Please place donations in the collection basket in the narthex.
 - submitted by Śānti Matthews for the Faith at Work class

Thursday, January 30, 2014

February SIS changes plans: Night at the Theater!

We're switching SIS to Saturday night February 22nd, bringing potluck to Marty Lamb's at 6:30 PM and our all carpooling together to RLT at 7:30 for 8 PM production of following play:
Caroline or Change poster

Raleigh Little Theater production 301 Pogue Street  Caroline, or Change

"This Tony-nominated musical centers on Caroline Thibodeaux, a divorced African-American maid and Noah Gellman, the eight-year-old son of the Jewish family for whom she works. Set in 1963 Louisiana against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, Kennedy’s assassination, and the Vietnam War, blues, gospel, and traditional Jewish melodies blend together to create a breathtaking medium for Kushner’s provocative and personal story of political change, social change, and pocket change."

If you have RLT season tickets, PLEASE CALL RLT AND SWITCH YOUR NIGHT TO SATURDAY FEB. 22nd to seats near G 10 and 11 (if available) or seats number C12 or 13 and join us. If you do not have tickets, you can reserve them for that night by calling RLT box office at 919-821-3111, for $22.00 each. If  we wish to chat about the play afterwards at our house, that's an option as well.

Let me know if you can join us! Feel free to share with other women of the church you think may be interested.

- Marty Lamb

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A different Lenten study titled: Victory and Peace OR Justice and Peace?

Victory and Peace OR Justice and Peace?

DVD cover for the series
This is a DVD-based study featuring John Dominic Crossan.  It "explores the juxtaposition of Roman Imperial Theology and the Kingdom of God."

Joy Alford will be hosting this six week Lenten group at her home in Rolesville - 5 miles north of Raleigh's I-540.  The short DVDs will spark theological discussion which will help us journey together in preparation for Easter.  The group will be held on Wednesday nights beginning with Lent on Ash Wednesday March 5th and going through April 16 (not holding group on March 26).  The first session will be held at 5pm on March 5th at the Church.  This will be done in hopes of all members attending the 7pm Ash Wednesday worship service. Thereafter, the group will be held north of Raleigh at Joy's home. 

Contents for the study include:
Justice & the World: What is the Character of Your God?
History & Jesus: What is the Content of Your Faith?
Worship & Violence: What is the Purpose of Your Prayer?
Resurrection & Community: What is the Function of Your Church?

Please contact Joy for directions or if you are interested in attending.

 - submitted by Joy Alford

Being Healers rather than Dividers

In our presently polarized country, heated rhetoric flies in both directions and the charges and counter charges become indistinguishable. Here’s today’s riddle.  Who is the author of the paragraph below which appeared in a major newspaper yesterday? And what group is being described?

But every group … ends up on the losing side of policy disputes, somewhere along the way; that’s democracy. The question is what happens next. Normal people take it in stride; even if they’re angry and bitter over political setbacks, they don’t cry persecution, compare their critics to Nazis and insist that the world revolves around their hurt feelings. But the _____ are different from you and me.

Try filling in the blank with “Moral Monday protesters”, “the rich”, “Obamacare critics”, or other possibilities you might think of. Is there anything to be learned from this exercise?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Email - 24 JAN 2014

Economic Justice Task Force
Earth Sabbath
2014 HKonJ February 8
Housing for HKonJ Participants
After HKonJ, Lunch is an ASP Fundraiser
Food Bags

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday morning study of Proverbs to begin Jan. 19

Every year thousands of books are written to address self-help or that have titles beginning with—"How to . . .."  By reading these books you can learn how to paint like a pro, how to get a job, how to get a mortgage or even a nightclub gig. You can read about how to buy a car, real estate or
how to start a small business or fix a personal computer. You can learn how to be a better athlete, a better golfer, a fashion designer, a good dancer etc etc. Experts out there will attempt to make you an expert at all sorts of things from picking lottery numbers, to losing five pounds fast or even bearing children.

All these books are really attempting to do is to offer us wisdom— in one area or another. Books like these proliferate because we all need wisdom to live successfully. Wisdom brings success and prosperity in our work, in dealings with family and friends, and in our relationship with God. There
are books in the Bible known as Wisdom books - and you may find these much more useful then those “how to” books at the book store.  One book specializing in this wisdom is Proverbs

Join the Sunday morning inductive Bible Study as we focus on reading and discussing the wisdom of Proverbs.  We meet in the Bradow Room at 9:15AM ish.

- submitted by Joy Alford

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rev. Curtis Gatewood to preach and to speak at Forum, Sunday, January 19

Rev. Curtis Gatewood preaching at CUCC in 2013
Listen to Rev. Gatewood's sermon
from his visit with us in 2013.
We welcome Reverend Curtis Gatewood to CUCC on Sunday, January 19. Reverend Gatewood will lead forum and discuss The Priorities of Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) 2014. He also will be our guest preacher during the 10:30am worship service. Please join us on Sunday, January 19, to hear this dynamic speaker and activist.

Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood first became a card-carrying member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) at ten years old and has since served the organization in several capacities. From 1995 to 2003, he served as President of the Durham Branch of the NAACP.

Before leaving Durham and moving to Oxford in 2003, Gatewood and the Durham Branch of the NAACP won a victory (one of many) against the City of Durham as the city was forced to install public restrooms at its main Durham Area Transit Authority (city bus terminal). From 2005 to 2011, Gatewood served as 2nd Vice President of the NC NAACP.

In 2011, under the leadership of NC NAACP President, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, Gatewood was hired to serve as HKonJ Coalition Coordinator, the NC NAACP’s first full-time community organizer who focuses on the group’s "Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) People’s Assembly Coalition", a movement which has built a coalition of more than 160 partnering social justice organizations - a combined near two million constituents, centered around an HKonJ 14-Point People’s Agenda. HKonJ6’s rally in 2012 flooded the streets of downtown Raleigh, NC with an estimated15,000 demonstrators. HKonJ7 which took place on February 9, 2013, brought the largest crowd yet, an estimated 17,000 marchers.

Prior to serving as the HKonJ Coordinator, Gatewood was hired to serve as North Carolina Field Director for "One Nation Working Together" - a national initiative spearheaded by the National NAACP and National AFL-CIO. The national "One Nation" movement was inspired by the HKonJ model.

Reverend Gatewood works closely with Dr. Barber in the Moral Monday and Forward Together Moral Movement and was the first of the nearly 1,000 Moral Monday detainees to be arrested during acts of civil disobedience on April 29, 2013. Seventeen were arrested initially which included Dr. Barber, the Moral Monday leader and HKonJ Convener.

Gatewood is blessed with a beautiful and supportive wife Odessa Burnette Gatewood, son Anthony Hawkins, daughter, Desmera Curtise, and four granddaughters, the latest named after Gatewood’s middle name "Everette."
- Submitted by Joan McAllister
(Bio provided by Rev. Gatewood)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Email - 3 JAN 2014

Epiphany/Babies We Love of 2013 Finger-foods Potluck
Forum Schedule for January
Loaves and Fishes Chili Sale
After Christmas Wish List
Special Documentary Showing
Tai Chi
Retirees’ Group
Sam and Jack Alcorn Bicycling Across the US for Bike and Build

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taize' worship this Tuesday, January 7, 7pm


Especially at Christmas but also at any time in our day and age, we have an unprecedented fast pace and saturation of media. We are challenged more than ever to maintain a sense of peace even during Christmas holidays; to remain centered on who and whose we are; and to “be still and know that God is God.”

Our spiritual needs cannot be met by a noisy, fast-paced, materialistic society. But the thirst of our souls can be quenched with meditative prayer, through which we connect with God.

We, at Community United Church of Christ, on Wade Ave in Raleigh hold Taizé services each Sunday morning but also in the evenings once a month, on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Taizé worship is marked by a spirit of contemplation, prayer and extended periods of silence. One aspect of Taizé worship is the repetitive singing of short and simple chants, which enable us to let go of the clutter of our minds and to listen and pray to God with our hearts.

If you long for peace and quiet….
If you want to pray for yourself or for others….
If you love to feel the words of Scripture wash over you….
If you yearn for a deeper connection with God in the start of a glorious New Year….then
please join me Tuesday January 7th at 7pm.

The once a month group is small but still....God is with us
and God meets us where we are…..
I Hope to See you at 7pm one week from today--- next Tuesday night...
But- mostly ----I just want to wish you all 
Peace and love  in this beautiful New Year- and ALWAYS--