Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Claim your 30-seconds of fame!

At Welcoming Sunday last year the Welcome, Fellowship, and Growth Ministry invited members and friends of the church to say a few words "on camera" about what they like about the church or what draws them to CUCC. During the fall of 2013 these clips were rotated on the church website as a way of presenting a human face to our Internet presence. (We are a church of people, not of buildings.) This year we invite you again to take part in this videographic event which paints a picture of who we are. As incentive, we invite you to take a look at the archived clips from last year. Altogether, it makes quite a collage! Enjoy a quick look at who we were last year!

This year the camera will be set up in the Bradow Room during the entire Welcoming Sunday festivities following 10:30 worship. Since these festivities (before and after lunch) will last for an hour or more, taking a minute or two to "have your say" on camera won't detract from your other opportunities for the day. The camera will be running constantly. Just drop in at the Bradow Room, sit down, and give your spiel. If it doesn't come out the way you intended, just do a "Take #2" (or #3 or #4). This is fun, and folks love to look at these clips on the website.

-- submitted by Lavon Page for the WFG Ministry