Wednesday, October 22, 2014

November Forum series announced: Greenhouses Gases and What We Can Do

Community United Church of Christ Adult Forum series
Nov 2 – Dec 7, 2014
Presented by the Justice in a Changing Climate (JCC) Task Force

Week one - Nov 2.  “Birds and climate change:  Save the Songs”

North America's birds are and will continue to be affected by the impact of climate change on their existing and future habitats. Many species that breed, nest, migrate or winter in North Carolina are among those at risk.  According to a landmark study released by The National Audubon Society (Birds and Climate Change), hundreds of species will be threatened or endangered in our children's lifetime.   Of the 588 continental United States and Canadian bird species examined in the seven-year study, 314 species are at risk.  214 of these species spend time in North Carolina.

Chris Canfield, Vice-President, Gulf Coast and Mississippi Flyway, National Audubon Society and former Executive Director of Audubon North Carolina will lead a discussion on the Birds and Climate Change report and help us explore the important role faith communities can play to make positive changes.

Week two – Nov 9.  “Climate Change Introduction”
What is climate, what is climate change and what are greenhouse gases?  Carbon dioxide (CO2) - Where does it come from, why is it increasing, and why do we need to start reducing it now?  There are other greenhouse gases – What are CFCs, HFCs, etc?  What we can do as individuals, now?

Presented by Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force members Karen Vollrath, David Smith, Gary Smith and Jane Smith.

Week Three – Nov 16.  “Fracking and Methane”
Fracking is a source of CO2 and methane (CH4) and of water pollution.  What is fracking, what is happening nationally and in NC?  What are members of CUCC saying to the NC Mining and Energy Commission and to the leaders of the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources on fracking rules?

Presented by Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force members Pastor Steve Halsted, Paul Kiel, John Little, Grady McCallie, Skip Stoddard and Gary Smith

Week Four – Nov 23. “Solar Energy Production for CUCC”
The session will start with a background on how solar can reduce CO2, our dependence on fossil fuels, and can decrease methane, CO and N2O as well.
Then we will discuss the status of the CUCC project to install solar panels on the roof of CUCC, and we will provide JCC’s solar recommendations.

Presented by the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force

Week Five – Dec 7.  "What can we do internationally?  Some examples"
CO2 and other greenhouse gases are an international crisis.  The solutions must be worldwide.  
Discussion of Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves in 3rd world.  Discussion of the need and opportunities for advocacy for better laws in US and strong climate agreements internationally.  Stories from audience participants: “What have we all been doing?”

Presented by Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force member Ron Howell and others tbd