Thursday, November 6, 2014

Economic Justice Task Force presents - Jobs for Life

Want to help change a life?

You can!

Informational meeting
December 14, noon, Hoffmann Room

Helping people gain and keep meaningful work aids not only the worker, but his/her entire family, and the community.

The Economic Justice Task Force at CUCC plans to partner with Loaves and Fishes to train the LAF parents in the kinds of life skills that will help them find the dignity and purpose of better employment opportunities.  We will be using the “Jobs for Life” program, a Christian-based, non-profit international organization that has worked with thousands of people since 1996.  Training will take place at LAF, which is located on New Bern Avenue.

During 8 weeks and 16 sessions, we will cover such topics as:
  • Understanding my value
  • Identifying and overcoming roadblocks
  • Perseverance and positive attitude
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communications skills
  • Excelling on the job
We will enroll 4-6 students. The course will begin in March, with training in January.  We need volunteers for the following roles:
  • 2 Teachers
  • 1-2 Mentors for each student
  • 1-2 Business relations leader to talk to businesses about the program
  • Several child care providers
  • 1 Prayer leader
We will hold an informational meeting in the Hoffman Room at 12:00, Sunday, December 14. There will be a “Jobs for Life” representative there to answer all of your questions.  If you want to attend, contact either Shirley Birt at 919-552-5371,, or contact Susan Lane at 919-417-7705, lane.susan70@gmailcom

Join us…and help change a life.