Saturday, November 8, 2014

“Festival of Lights” Worship and Potluck

On the last Sunday of November, we begin the Season of Advent with the lighting of the first Advent Candle.  But Christians are not the only faith tradition that celebrates the “Divine Light” in images that overcome darkness in our world.  “Festivals of Light” are also celebrated in some fashion by Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Bahai groups.  In recognition of this common ground and through my work with the Triangle Interfaith Alliance and our Deacon’s Ministry, we are planning a “Festival of Lights” collaboration in our Sanctuary on Sunday, November 30, at our 10:30am worship service.

Representatives of the above mentioned faith traditions will explain and demonstrate how they celebrate within their tradition and we hope that mutual respect and greater understanding will bring people closer together.  We will continue our celebration with a potluck meal together sharing favorite foods from our cultural traditions.  Please be thinking about what you would like to share at our Common Table!
- submitted by Steve Halsted