Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Email - 5 DEC 2014

Pastor Steve’s Retirement Party – Saturday, Dec. 6
Food Bags Due this Sunday
Grab a Seat at the Table – Communion for all this Sunday
Forum – December 7th, 9:15am
Snack Kits for the Homeless
Sunday School Children Need Your Help Filling Stockings
Christmas Cards for Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital
Beer & Hymns – Sunday, December 7, 7:00pm
Monday Lunch Group
Advent Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh – December 9th
Advent Event – Saturday, December 13
Children’s Christmas Pageant – December 14, 2014
A Message from the Stewardship Ministry
Want To Help Change A Life? You Can! – “Jobs for Life”
Light for Lima

Pastor Steve’s Retirement Party! – Saturday, December 6
Join us Saturday evening from 5:00pm – 7:30pm, as we honor and remember Steve’s legacy with our church and celebrate with him and Marcy as they look forward to new adventures and experiences.  There will be skits, heavy hors d’oeuvres, fun, reminiscences and more.  Child care will be provided.  If you would like to carpool or would like a ride to and from the celebration, contact Sue Cottle at 919-772-8288.  If you would like to volunteer to help with decorations, setup, cleanup, or anything else, please contact the church office at 919-787-6422.

Food Bags Due this Sunday
Food bags for Urban Ministries are due this Sunday.  Please double bag your items and if you separate the bags into two different bags, please tie them together so that we know that they belong together.  The items to place in the food bags are:
1 lb. grits, 1 lb. rice, 1 lb. dried beans, 1 can of carrots, 2 cans of tomatoes, 2 cans or jars of applesauce, 2 1-qt pkgs of dry milk, 1 jar of peanut butter, 2 pkgs macaroni/cheese, 2 cans of navy, pinto, or pork’n beans.  Thank you for your support of this ministry.

Grab a Seat at the Table – Communion for all this Sunday
We will celebrate Communion this Sunday during our 10:30am worship service.  All are welcome to join in communion.  You do no need to be a member of the congregation to participate.

Forum – Sunday, December 7th
The concluding week of the series “Climate Change – Greenhouse Gases and What We Can Do”
This week we will discuss three ways we can help slow climate change internationally.

1.  We will light a candle for the “Lima Climate Change Conference” that is happening this week and next in Lima, Peru.

2.  We will learn from Ron Howell about the effects traditional wood cook stoves and the how the “Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves” is improving on this.

3.  We will hear from Karen Bearden about how we can get involved in, a key organization in the international fight to slow greenhouse gas production and climate change.

Snack Kits for the Homeless
The Youth are gathering items to assemble snack kits to give to those who gather downtown for a meal each Sunday morning.  Please consider bringing a box or two of wholesome snack bars, granola bars, nabs, or Vienna sausages, to put in the snack kits.  The Youth will deliver the snack bags on December 7 during Church School when they help Human Beans Together to serve a hot meal at the Oak City Community Center.

Sunday School Children Need Your Help Filling Stockings
The CUCC Sunday School Children have requested that we collect small items for the Salvation Army Christmas stocking program this year and they need your help!  They wish to fill 50 stockings for children from infants to 12 years old.  Please help us by donating to our collection.  The children will be collecting items that will fit in the stockings until December 7th.  Small toys, markers, pencils and sharpeners, coloring books, card games, cars, trains, dolls, etc. are perfect for the stockings.   We will fill the stockings during Sunday School on December 7th.  Please look for our donation boxes wrapped in Christmas paper!  Check the bulletin board in the hallway at church or see below for suggestions of items for the stockings.   Please provide new, unwrapped gifts (no food or candy, please). Thank you for your help!

Girl or Boy, Infant or Ages 0-1:
Sippy cups/bottles, hats, toys, wipes, books, blankets, pacifiers

Girl or Boy, Ages 2-3 or 4-5:
Coloring books/crayons, toothbrush/toothpaste, hats and gloves, bubbles, play-doh, stuffed animals, dolls, toy cars, balls, dress-up accessories/jewelry, card games

Girl or Boy, Ages 6-8:
Jump ropes, jacks, cards, toothbrush/toothpaste, hats and gloves, markers, stuffed animals, dolls, bouncy balls, pocketbooks, model cars, flashlights (please include batteries), jewelry, pens/pencils, markers

Girl or Boy, Ages 9-12:
Cards/Games, hats, and gloves, toothbrush/toothpaste, watches, flashlights (please include batteries), radios, pens/pencils/markers, jewelry/hair accessories, make-up, perfumes/colognes/lotions, nail polish.

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Anne Bailey at 919-424-8122 or

Christmas Cards for Soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital
The Sunday School children have asked to send Christmas cards to soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital again this year.  We will be signing and addressing cards on December 7th.  We will have cards available during fellowship for any of you who would like to participate.

Beer and Hymns - Sunday, December 7, 7:00pm
Join members of the congregation for Beer and Hymns this Sunday evening, December 7, 7:00pm - 8:00pm at Tir Na Nog (218 Blount St, Downtown Raleigh). Sing along in this centuries-old tradition! Folks gather, buy the beverage of their choice, and sing old hymns.  Expect lots of gusto, full harmony, and all the verses!  The tradition reaches back to the dinner table of Martin and Katharina von Bora Luther when Martin's students would gather to sing and drink. Who knows?  Maybe "A Mighty Fortress" made its debut at Beer and Hymns at the Luther home.

Monday Lunch Group
The Monday Lunch group meets every Monday at 12:15pm in the Hoffmann Room.  After a bag lunch, the group has prayer time where they offer up concerns and healing.  Newcomers and walk-ins are always welcome!
Dec 8:    We will watch Geraldine's Christmas Story for adults.
Dec 15:  Ann Retzer will bring us an advent story.
Dec 22:  Our Christmas party.
Dec 29:  Our goodbye-to-Steve party.

Advent Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh – December 9th
Let’s get together halfway through Advent to take a deep breath and do any necessary course corrections.  Where is your life intersecting with the anticipation of Advent?  Join others for casual conversation on Tuesday, Dec. 9th, at Tyler’s Tap Room.  Look for the red “Life & Faith” comma at our corner round table.  Arrive at 6:30pm if you want to order dinner, at 7:00pm for beverages only - Dutch treat.  For more info, contact Jane Smith.

Advent Event – Saturday, December 13
Advent will soon be here with all the hustle and bustle of the season leading up to Christmas.  Why not take a quiet, reflective time to savor the deeper meaning of Advent?  On Saturday, December 13, 10:00am – 2:00pm, the Deacons and Rev. Halsted will offer an Advent Event on the theme, “The Spiritual Significance of Food and Bread.”  If you would like to help plan this event, please contact Pastor Steve at 919-787-6422 or

Children’s Christmas Pageant – December 14, 2014
Join us next Sunday, December 14th during the 10:30am worship for the annual Children’s Christmas Pageant.  The pageant has become a tradition that the children love.  Remember that any grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, etc. are welcome to participate in the pageant. Presented by the children and youth of the church.  Directed by Anne Bailey Zschau.

A Message from the Stewardship Ministry
We sincerely hope that all of you enjoyed a healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday, and that along with giving thanks, that you and your family will remember to get your pledge card back in to the church.  We are still short of our goal for total pledges and need to begin to construct a realistic budget that meets our expectations for a healthy, productive church family.  Please contribute what you can as soon as possible.

Want To Help Change A Life? You Can! – “Jobs for Life”
Helping people gain and keep meaningful work aids not only the worker, but his or her
entire family and the community. The Economic Justice Task Force at CUCC plans to
partner with Loaves and Fishes to train the LAF parents in the kinds of life skills that will help them find the dignity and purpose of better employment opportunities.  We will be using the “Jobs for Life” program, a Christian-based, non-profit international organization that has worked with thousands of people since 1996.  Training will take place at LAF, which is located on New Bern Avenue.

During 8 weeks and 16 sessions, we will cover such topics as:
Understanding My Value
Identifying and Overcoming Roadblocks
Perseverance and Positive Attitude
Conflict Resolution
Effective Communications Skills
Excelling On the Job

We will enroll 4-6 students. The course will begin in March, with training in January.

We need volunteers for the following roles:
2 Teachers
1-2 Mentors for each student
1-2 Business relations leader to talk to businesses about the program
Several child care providers
1 Prayer leader

We will hold an informational meeting in the Hoffman Room at 12:00, Sunday,
December 14. There will be a “Jobs for Life” representative there to answer all of your questions.  If you want to attend, contact either Shirley Birt at 919-552-5371 or or Susan Lane at 919-417-7705 or lane.susan70@gmailcom
Join us…and help change a life.

Light for Lima
This December, as world leaders meet in Lima, Peru, our future is on the line. If we’re to stop climate change we need a strong meaningful climate deal which all countries agree to. When world leaders come together in Lima, they need to know that we're holding them in our thoughts, meditations and prayers. Our prayers will bring hope. Our lights will guide the way.
This is why OurVoices is organizing #LightForLIMA - a global, multi-faith prayer vigil.  On Sunday evening, December 7, around the world people from diverse faith and spiritual communities will gather for public vigils – lit by solar lamps! We want you to be involved.  As people of faith we can make a difference. Even if you can't make it to a vigil in person - you can still take part.
Each evening from December 1-7, households and communities around the world will light a candle, or solar lamp, and pray, meditate, or offer an invocation for a climate agreement.  Then – they’ll take a photo, post it on Facebook or Twitter with #LightForLima along with your hopes for the future. Our digital vigils will tell politicians that people around the world, are watching and praying for action. And the time to act is now.
Why Lima? Lima is where our leaders have to nail down the fundamentals of the agreement, giving a year to work on the detail so that world leaders can sign the treaty in Paris, December 2015. They need to know we are supporting them to be determined and generous in overcoming difficulties in Lima for the sake of our planet, and our future. The IPCC (the United Nation's international panel of climate change experts) has released the most comprehensive report on climate change ever made. The conclusions are sobering - our climate is changing at a disastrous rate because of our carbon emissions. We must act now.  Click here to find a vigil near you or for additional information. Submitted by Lena Gallitano