Monday, January 5, 2015

Epiphany Christian? Join the conversation Jan. 13.

In his sermon during 10:30 worship on January 4, the Rev. Jim Luck spoke about being an Epiphany Christian instead of a Christmas Christian.  If you'd like to chew over what an Epiphany way of thinking/being might mean for you in 2015 and for CUCC at this interim time, why not join the conversation at Life and Faith in Downtown Raleigh?

UCC red comma featuring words "Life & Faith"
We'll meet at 7pm at Tyler's Tap Room; look for the Life and Faith comma (and for Jane and Gary Smith).  Some folks order dinner; others order beverages only.  We try to tip our server generously since we monopolize the table until about 8:15 and have so many separate checks.  Here is my map showing where you can find parking.

We thank Rev. Luck for giving us permission to post his sermon:  "You don't get there overnight."