Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Preparing ourselves for HKonJ - Forum Feb. 1 & 8

As we enter the interim period getting ready to call a new pastor, Forum is also entering an interim period. For the first two weeks of February, in preparation for the HKonJ march on February 14, we will show (via youtube) the October 5. 2014 sermon of Rev. William Barber II at Judson Memorial Church: February 1, Rev. Barber’s sermon, Part I; February 8, Rev. Barber’s sermon, Part II. After each showing there will be time for discussion of what he says and of the issues which this year’s HK on J march will address.  Please come and discuss!

Beginning on February 15, there is nothing currently planned for Forum.  Any individual or group with ideas of Forums that they would like to organize or see scheduled should contact Todd Lipman, chair of the Religious Education Ministry, with their ideas or suggestions. That ministry will be discussing future plans for adult education in the early Sunday morning time period or at other times. Forum can continue as in the past or evolve or mutate into something else depending on people’s interests and wishes.

-submitted by Edith Sylla