Monday, February 2, 2015

Join the conversation - Tues., Feb. 10, 7PM, Tyler's

sign of red comma printed with the words Life and Faith
Look for the comma
Life and Faith in Downtown Raleigh is a gathering of whoever comes.  Anyone can bring up a question springing from the intersection of life and faith.  Whether you come once or decide to be a regular, you are welcome!  Bring a friend.  We meet at Tyler's Tap Room at Seaboard Station.  Each person pays for his or her own beverage or food.  Jane Smith convenes the discussion after a bit of "How've you been?" catch up.

If no one brings a question, Jane has a default question for the night.  Here is a preview of Jane's fallback question for Feb. 10.

"I took a look at the lectionary readings for the 10th.  I’m intrigued by the Acts 15 passage describing how the Council at Jerusalem wrestled with whether to require circumcision for Gentile Christians.  Which brings me to the question I’d like to ask each of you:  How do you know when something “outside the lines” of tradition (traditional doctrine or practice, for THE CHURCH or for CUCC) is consistent with being a follower of Christ?  Even if it seems okay, how do you know if it is a good choice for you/our congregation?  Do you have tests that you use?  Or practices of discernment?

This seems like a relevant question to me, both for myself and also for CUCC in this time of transition.  Peg (and whoever comes after her) will likely be challenging us to try new things and think new thoughts.  How will we know if they are the way forward - either  okay in general or, specifically, a good fit for us?  I’d love to hear your wisdom on this."