Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A gift from the Lenten movie fans

After a one-week delay because of ice storms during the first week of Lent, the Lenten movie series ran from February 27 through March 27. The attendance was remarkable.
  • 15 people turned out on Feb. 27 when the parking lot was again covered in ice.
  • 25 turned out for "The Retrieval", a movie that was brand new to CUCC.
  • 21 attended the showing of "The Other Son" on March 13.
  • 19 attended "As it is in Heaven" which was shown opposite Duke playing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on March 20.
  • 20 came out for the finale "Of Gods and Men" which was in head-to-head competition with NCSU playing in the Sweet 16 on March 27.
So let it be said that neither ice storms nor local teams playing in the NCAA tournament prevented a total attendance of exactly 100 at the Lenten film series this year.

The purpose of this post, however, is to share the news that the participants in the film series expressed their appreciation via a generous response to Geraldine Bryan's "passing of the glass bowl" to collect funds to be used in a fashion to be determined by the leaders of the film series. The bowl attracted $337 in donations. I consulted with the Deacons, and we've decided to donate this amount to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering to be collected on Easter Sunday. Thanks to all who participated in this Lenten series and who showed their appreciation via funding this gift to the church which is in turn being used as part of our global outreach effort.