Thursday, April 30, 2015

What a great week!

From the intentional interim pastor

May 1, 2015

            I’ve had quite a week.  On Tuesday I gave the prayer at the service remembering those who have been injured or lost their lives on the job in North Carolina.  We had gathered near the site where the three construction workers were killed in March.  Then we walked to the Department of Labor to register our protests about the way the DOL is dealing with these injuries and fatalities.

            On Wednesday, along with ten other CUCC members, I attended Moral Monday on Wednesday.  It was a first for me and as the Terminator said, “I will be back.”    It was an experience to gather with others to make our voices heard.
            This coming Saturday I will go to OutRaleigh, where we will have a booth.  This is another first for me

            We are one busy church.  Perhaps a better way of saying it is we are a dedicated group of committed believers. 

            As I stood there yesterday on Bicentennial Mall, I watched as members of CUCC greeted people who have also faithfully gathered to let their voices be heard.  It was almost like a family reunion.  Hugs, smiles, and greetings were everywhere.  There were also passionate voices speaking about things near and dear to their hearts – the need for accessible health care, women’s rights, support for education, immigration reform, and many other subjects.  It was truly a memorable day.

            As I said, I’ll be going back.  Moral Monday on Wednesday is now meeting every other Wednesday so the next gathering is May 13 and the focus will be on Labor Rights & Living Wages.  Maybe you will join us, too.

                In the meantime, let us continue to be faithful in all we do and say.  It’s good for all of us.

See you in church,
Pastor Peg

If you are interested in donating to the relief efforts in Nepal, remember that “One Great Hour of Sharing” is a good place to send your money.  Make your check payable to CUCC and write OGHS in the memo line to 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Joy to talk about trip to Cuba

This Sunday, May 3, Joy Alford will be sharing reflections of her trip to Cuba over coffee and donuts.  Join her in the fellowship hall at 9:15AM.

- submitted by Joy Alford

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prayer for Workers Killed or Injured in North Carolina

This morning I was honored and humbled to bring a prayer to the service remembering those workers who were injured or killed in North Carolina in the past year.  Sue Cottle and Joan McAllister joined me as we gathered, then walked to the Department of Labor to take letters to Commissioner Cherie Berry asking for more diligence in creating a safer work environment in our state.  Please join me in prayer.

Creator God.  Loving Spirit.
We are here to today for a very specific reason:  to lift up the names of those who have died or suffered illness or injury on the job in North Carolina.

We have gathered at this particular site because on March 23, 2015 Jose Hernandez, Jose Luis Lopez-Ramirez, and Anderson Almeida lost their lives here.   Elmer Guevara was injured.

Gracious God, we turn to you remembering what these men contributed to our world, and lifting up their families, friends, and co-workers whose lives have been forever changed by this tragedy.  Even those of us who never knew them have been affected, because our community feels these losses deeply.  From the moment we heard the news of the accident, our lives were changed.  The lives of their families were changed.  The lives of every worker in North Carolina were changed.

Remind us, God, that we need each other.  We need to lean on each other.  We need to stand with each other and we need to stand up for each other.  We pray for honest jobs, solid wages, and safe working conditions.  We pray for the support of those in positions of power and authority.  And we pray for constant reminders that together we can make a difference.

In the name of all that is good and honest and noble and true.  Amen.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Auction Sales

The Stewardship Ministry has supplied a spreadsheet which shows items for sale, buyer, and seller. You can search this document to find all sales that you were involved in as buyer or seller. If you want to search the document, your best bet is to download it and search it with whatever PDF viewer you use on your computer.

BYC summer youth camp registration due May 10

We are especially dedicated to being sure that every youth who wants to attend BYC summer church camp will be able to do so!

We have done significant fundraising and have plenty remaining in our youth budget (we have been frugal in our purchases and events this year).  Please do not let finances get in your way of attending!

BYC 2015 will run from June 28-July3 and registration has begun!  I have extended the due date for registration. It is now Sunday, May 10 (Mother's Day). Payments are due by June 1.
BYC is a phenomenal church camp experience in the NC mountains with like minded churches from all over the country.  I have participated in BYC curriculum planning and leadership at this camp for 11 years. Twelve of our youth have attended.        
Camp requires that these three forms be completed in their entirety.
2015 Youth registration form
2015 Medical release form
2015 Covenant form
The camp is open to our current 6th graders (this summer's rising 7th graders) through this years' high school graduates.

If you want to know more, please let me know.        

I can't say enough good things about both the fun and the deeply profound spiritual opportunities that this camp offers.

- submitted bŚānti Matthews

Help us extend an extravagant welcome at Out!Raleigh

On May 2nd, 2015, Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh transforms into the biggest Out!Raleigh festival ever! The 5th annual Out!Raleigh - "A Better Tomorrow, Today!" -will include entertainment, vendors, food trucks, and the biggest KidsZone to date.

Out! Raleigh is a fun, family-friendly event and for the fifth year in a row, the Open and Affirming Task Force (ONA) will have a booth there.  Out!Raleigh has become an integral part of Raleigh’s culture, promoting diversity awareness as well as a sense of inclusiveness for the LGBT community and its allies. Each year has been more successful than the last, and this year will be no exception. Last year, more than 25,000 people poured into City Plaza to celebrate the LGBT community, their friends and their families.

Come and join the festivities from 11:00am to 6:00pm. And make sure you stop by the ONA Task Force’s table and say hello.  If you are interested in helping us out at the festival, contact Joan McAllister.

Hope to see you at Out!Raleigh.

- submitted by Joan McAllister

Reserve your tix for Durham Bulls Baseball

Carpool is leaving promptly at 6PM from the Dixie Trail parking lot.  Remember to wear red!

Flowers are blooming! The birds are returning and the weather has gotten warmer!  That means it’s time for CUCC to take in a Durham Bulls baseball game.

This year’s game will take place on Friday, May 29th at 7:05pm.  The Bulls, a AAA minor league team of the Tampa Bay Rays, will be playing the Syracuse Sky Chiefs.  Wear red! When the jumbotron shows the CUCC section, we'll stand out!

This is always great fun and a wonderful way to fellowship with church members in a different environment and enjoy a great ball game at the same time.  Carpooling from the church will be available if you don’t want to drive to Durham.  Tickets will be booked from section 211 on the third base side.  Come and let us have a ball with the Bulls!  For questions or additional information, contact Robert Parrish.

- submitted by Robert Parrish

Reserve your spot at the SIS beach retreat

The Sisters in Spirit (SIS) beach retreat will be held Friday, May 15th, through Sunday, May 17th, in Surf City with the theme this year being "Stretch and Restore." Women of CUCC are invited to contact Marty Lamb for more information and to confirm attendance.

- submitted by Marty Lamb

Book sale this weekend raises funds for CUCC, too!

Boooook Saaaale!
Don’t forget to come to this fabulous book sale which will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Wade Avenue (directions).  Because CUCC is donating books and volunteers, we will receive proceeds from the sale of the books we donate.

Dates and times for the sale are:
Friday, May 1: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday, May 2: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday, May 3: 9:00am – 3:00pm

- submitted by Peg Hulslander

Unions, Advocates, and Community to Memorialize NC Workers who died on the job

Press Conference 10:30 AM Tuesday, April 28 in Raleigh

Raleigh workers, advocates, community members, and faith leaders will gather at 7 W. Lenoir Street, near the site of a deadly construction accident last month in downtown Raleigh, to memorialize workers who have died or suffered illness or injury on the job.   Reverend Peg Williams will provide the opening prayer.

Who: AFL-CIO, Student Action with Farmworkers, NC Council of Churches, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, and NC Justice Center

What: International Workers’ Memorial Day press conference, followed by march and letter delivery to Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry

When: 10:30 AM Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Where: 7 W. Lenoir St., Raleigh, NC -- near the site of the crane collapse that killed three workers and injured another in downtown Raleigh last month.

Why: Workers’ Memorial Day is an international day of remembrance for workers who have lost their lives on the job, as 109 North Carolina workers did in 2013. Please join us for a press conference and memorial observance in which we will record the names of those who died and call on the NC Department of Labor to do more to protect workers here from death and injury on the job.

As recently reported by the News & Observer, dozens of North Carolina workers die each year with little or no notice from state officials -- no questions asked, no reforms demanded, and no fines levied -- and 79 percent of deaths in 2013 went unreported by Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, who hasn’t sought advice from her OSHA advisory council for five years running.

When workers die on the job, their deaths should count for something, especially to their Labor Commissioner. Every worker’s death ought to be counted and accurately reported. And as the law requires Berry to convene her OSHA advisory council twice a year, she ought to obey the law.  

Submitted by Rev. Peg Williams

Moral Wednesday this week to celebrate 2nd anniversary of Moral Mondays

MORAL MONDAY Anniversary and Activities

Wednesday, April 29, is the second anniversary of the Moral Monday demonstrations.   In honor of the anniversary, and in order to remind the legislature that we are still exceedingly unhappy with their actions, there will be a rally at 5:00 on Bicentennial Mall between the Museums of History and Science downtown. It is very important that we have a good number of participants in order to clearly make the point that we are here for the long haul. Arrestees are asked to wear their arm bands if they still have them.   Some will be provided if yours was cut off or taken.     If you can, PLEASE COME!!

 Here is the schedule of events:

10:00 Clergy will meet at Davie Street Presbyterian and they will do some action at noon, assume at the old Capitol or State House.   At present we do not have any clergy going from CUCC.   Rick and Jill Edens and probably Doug Long will be among the participants, so UCC is represented.

3:00 pm there will be an informational and inspirational meeting at Davie Street Presbyterian Church.  Those willing to serve as Marshalls will be given instruction.   Arrestees will be acknowledged.   We will receive information about upcoming opportunities for Civil Disobedience as well as the plans for Forward Together actions this summer.   Joan will pick Peg up at CUCC at 2:30 and will be able to take two additional riders if you are interested.   Call Joan.

red and white banner saying Community United Church of Christ
5:00 there will be a rally and celebration on Bicentennial Mall .   People in the meeting at Davie Street Presbyterian will join the other rally participants on the mall.   There will be a band, speeches, etc.   I have not heard whether or not there is any Civil Disobedience planned.   Look for the CUCC banner.  If you plan to go to the rally and could take riders, please let Cathy know.   Also if you need a ride at 4:30, let Cathy know.

Parking :   The parking lot at the corner of Jones and Wilmington is a good choice for parking.   You will get a ticket when you go in to park, but the gates are left open after 5:30 and you don’t have to pay. Enter the lot either from Jones Street or Edenton St.

Future events:
Dr. Barber says that future events in Raleigh will be on Wednesdays due to some procedures instituted by the General Assembly to thwart our Moral Monday demonstrations.   Mondays will be dedicated to visit legislators in their home districts, especially those who have been short-sighted and destructive to the citizens of the state.

On July 6 (Monday) there will be a big rally in Winston Salem.   This will be the first day of federal court hearings on voter suppression in NC.   I’m sure we will plan carpools for anyone interested in going.   More later. – Submitted by Joan McAllister

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Congregational Meeting - May 3

The spring congregational meeting this year will be held on Sunday, May 3 , following the 10:30am worship service. This annual "spring" meeting is required by our bylaws. It is a regular congregational meeting. At regular meetings, the agenda is unrestricted. This means that any proposal on any topic can be presented to the congregation for consideration. However, if you plan to present a topic for discussion, it is helpful if you let the moderator (Geri Bowen) know in advance.

Already on the agenda:
  • Sharing of information from the Community Church Low Income Housing Corporation Board
  • Report from Ad Hoc Religious Education  Committee on Youth and Education Staffing
  • Annual report on the number of CUCC’s members
  • Update on the status of the solar panel project
– Submitted for the Church Council

What We Need by Kayla McClurg

Each day I get an email from "inward, outward."  This was today's.

Inward/Outward is a project of the Church of the Saviour in Washington DC.
Visit us on the web at
- April 26, 2015 -

What We Need

For Sunday, April 26, 2015 – John 10:11-18
Usually my attention goes immediately to the relationship between the sheep and the shepherd. How good and kind the shepherd is, willing to give his life for the sheep. How comforting to see myself as one of many, just an ordinary sheep, yet extraordinarily loved and known. I want to grow in my capacity to hear and follow that singular voice.
That is usually how I ponder this passage. This week, however, I have found my thoughts going again and again not to the shepherd but to the hired hand and the wolf. Who is this hired hand, this substitute shepherd I’ve given charge of my life? Is it a self-identity that helps me feel reasonably stable and competent despite the wolves lying in wait nearby? Is it a group identity upon which I have come to rely? I suppose it’s not uncommon to give some of our authority away, to let another monitor how well we are doing, how successfully we stay within the boundaries that are expected of good sheep.
And everything goes pretty well as long as there are no disruptions. As long as there are no wolves. But what is life except a series of interruptions? Crisis rings the doorbell, anxiety moves in, the wolf of fear attacks, and we are jolted from our comfort. After a short standoff, more bluster than bravery, our protecting identity, knees shaking, hightails it when the wolf comes bounding out of the fog. Our illusions of competence scurry off, leaving us in scattered disarray. This, too, can be gift. In the deafening silence following any catastrophe we learn who is who in our life. Standing with us will be those who are not afraid of what matters most, who are not afraid even to die.
Crisis shows us the truth. How much it costs to depend only upon ourselves. How ready we are to admit what we need. We need each other. We need the “other sheep that do not belong to this fold.” We need the real shepherd. We need to lay down all our substitute lives for the life that matters most.
By: Kayla McClurg
Season and Scripture: Easter BJohn

Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly Email - 24 April 2015

From the Intentional Interim Pastor
Church-Wide Outdoor Event and Camp Out!
Wright Center
A Message from the Caring Committee
Do You Enjoy Fellowship after Church?
Social Justice Ministry Survey
Boooooook Saaaaaale!!!!
Taizé Worship at Duke, April 24
Church Women United
Sisters in Spirit
Wake Federation of the Blind Yard Sale
Durham Bulls Baseball!
Mac Hulslander is Delegate to General Synod

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's an honor

April 23, 2015

From the intentional interim pastor

            Last Saturday I had the honor and privilege of officiating at the wedding of two young women who were members of my church back in Lafayette, Indiana.  After 22 years together, they are finally married.  I choked back tears more than once.

            On Tuesday, April 28, at 10:30 a.m. I will experience another honor. I have been invited to bring the opening prayer as we remember the construction workers who were killed in downtown Raleigh on March 23.  This service will remember these workers, and other workers who have lost their lives in the past year.  It is part of the Workers Memorial Week.    We will gather at the site where the March accident occurred.  I will share more information with you as I have it.

            Perhaps you will join me as we honor and remember the lives lost.  Let us stand in solidarity with those who build our buildings and keep them maintained.  Let us stand beside the families who have lost their loved ones.  Let us join together as brothers and sisters who love each other.

            I truly am honored to have been asked, and I suspect I will, once again, be choking back some tears.

Prayers for the journey,

Pastor Peg

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Photos Available

Several new photo albums have been added to our photo gallery during the month of April. Check them out if you haven't already. The new photos are from the Solar Celebration on April 19, the Family Fun Auction on April 18, the Cy and Carolyn King Awards reception on April 12, and Easter Sunday (April 5).

You can always find a link to the photo gallery in the right sidebar when you're looking at any page in the CUCC website.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Obituary for Amy Jensen's dad

The obituary for Amy Jensen's father, Dale Sitler, has now appeared online. Mr. Sitler passed away Saturday, April 18.

You will note that the obituary indicates that Dale Sitler was "a lifelong member of Grace Church in Columbiana."  The Grace Church website shows the trajectory of Grace Church: Grace Church is a Congregational Christian Church, member of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, based in Oak Creek, WI.  We are a volunteer member of an association of like-minded churches (NACCC) who recognize the right of the individual local church to be autonomous under the headship of Christ.  We are also members of the Ohio Assn. of Congregational Christian Churches.  In the past, Grace has belonged to the Reformed Church, the Evangelical and Reformed Church, and the United Church of Christ.

This is the same trajectory followed by many rural churches in the American heartland that began as E&R, came into the UCC in the 1950s via merger, and left the UCC within the past 15 years. My first marriage took place in a church that followed a similar trajectory. I mention this as illustration of the fact that when we speak of "those who have left the UCC," we are speaking of our own friends and families.
-- Lavon Page

Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Email - 17 APRIL 2015

From the Interim Pastor
We Welcome Rev. Dr. Kenneth Williams to our Pulpit this Sunday
A Message from the Caring Committee
Do You Enjoy Fellowship after Church?
A Note from the Youth
Church-Wide Outdoor Event & Camping: April 25-26!
Save the date!  Solar Celebration at Anderson Point Park - April 19
Earth Sabbath Celebration, Wednesday, April 22
Book Fundraiser – Book Sale May 1 - 3
Taizé Worship at Duke, April 24
Congregations for Social Justice – Faith & Practice Series
May Newsletter Deadline
Come One! Come All! CUCC Auction Party! – Saturday, April 18

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Can we talk about church?

from your interim pastor

Can we talk?

Last year my husband Ken and I moved to Durham from Rochester, NY.  We "retired" from full-time ministry and relocated to the land of Ken's birth.  

For the first time in a really long time we needed to look for a church.  This was not something either of us had done for a long times as we usually moved to town to serve a church.  We discovered that it isn't easy finding a new church.  We actually found our grocery store to be more welcoming.

(You can read about our experience on my Huffington Post blog:

I think that Community UCC does a great job, but I'd like to hear your experiences, as well.  

What were you looking for when you came to Community UCC?

If you are new to our church or reading this as a seeker, would you mind sharing what you are seeking?

We can't be all things to all people, but we can learn from each other.  Use the comment button below to get in the conversation!  

Thanks and blessings,
Pastor Peg

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Transition Team is born

April 10, 2015
From the interim pastor

Dear Friends,
            I’m excited to share the good news with you that we have a Transition Team!  They are:
Shaleka Covington-Jones, Frank Gailor, Tim Jensen, Joan McAllister and Suzette Roach.
            Several months ago Geri Bowen and I asked the council members to suggest the names of those who were persons of wisdom, spiritual depth, and love for God’s people.  We also asked them to think in terms of the transition team being a microcosm of the congregation.  I think you will agree that these five individuals meet this criteria.
            Soon the team will gather for their first meeting and retreat to begin our time together.  I know you are interested in what the plan is for this intentional interim process.
            Here is a bit from the letter I sent to them:  “Let me share my vision for the Transition Team and what you might expect in commitments of time and energy.  Churches that take advantage of the interim period for intentional focus on issues of identity, mission, and renewal have found that the church is stronger and healthier as a result.  Our goal is to create a trusted and trusting leadership group to facilitate the interim process.  We hope to model for the congregation a team with diverse perspectives who value being with each other (sometimes even having fun!), can share with each other in a trusting and safe environment, and can work together to accomplish tasks that move the interim process forward in the congregation. 
You can read more in the link below, but let me share a bit from the United Church of Christ about interim ministry.  “The value of the interim time will be enhanced if the governing board develops clear goals and objectives to be achieved during this transition period. The specific goals your leaders identify can then be incorporated into the traditional developmental work of the transition process. Intentional interim pastors will customarily utilize their specialized training to assist the congregation in addressing five transition challenges:

Developmental Tasks of the Interim Period
·         Come to terms with our history…Isaiah 43 and Isaiah 44:21: 
o   uncovering, interpreting and understanding where we have been
o   knowing and telling our story
o   discerning how God has been present in the life of our church
o   connecting interpretation with motivation
·         Discerning our purpose and identity…I Peter 2:9-10:
o   stating who we are as the people of God
o   coming to a sense of self sharing our confession and receiving God’s assurance
o   accepting how we are like and unlike other congregations
o   understanding our unique challenges and opportunities
·         Leadership change and development…Acts 6: 
o   reviewing style and character of past leaders—lay and clergy
o   examining who has the “power” to make decisions and why
o   understanding shifts and transitions of leadership and power
o   identifying and supporting our gifts and strengths
o   developing new leadership agendas
·         Reaffirming denominational/community ties…I Cor 16 and Acts 15:
o   review relationships and responsibilities with and to the UCC
o   review relationships and responsibilities to local community
o   promote a greater sense of “connectedness” within the church
·         Committing to new leadership and new ministry…Romans 12:1-13:
o   challenge existing assumptions about ministry
o    express existing but unrealized expectations
o   struggle with limitations
o   develop a new vision for the future of our church.

            You will learn more about the process as we begin.  For now, please join me in thanking these dedicated people and pray for us as we move into this phase of our time together.

Prayers for the journey,
Pastor Peg

Almost Easter musing

From the interim pastor

            Writing for this particular newsletter is harder than most months.  I’m writing this on Monday.  Yesterday was Palm Sunday and in a few hours we will gather for a Healing Service.  On Thursday we will celebrate Maundy Thursday at St. Paul’s and our sanctuary will be open on Friday from 12 pm – 3 pm for reflection.
            Then on Sunday we will gather together to celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus. 
            If the newsletter was coming out on next Monday, I’d have no trouble at all.  Easter would have already been here and we would have already sung “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.”
            HOWEVER, we are caught in the middle on this month’s newsletter.  In order for you to have it before the first of the month, we are BEFORE Easter, not AFTER.  We are caught in the middle.
            I think the disciples understood being caught in the middle. They lived as good Jewish men and women.  They followed the laws of Moses and the Torah, and then Jesus showed up and took them on an unexpected journey which eventually led to Christianity.  Confusing, isn’t it?
            This must be a strange time of the year for those who don’t have a history with the church.  The word “lent” isn’t easily understood, and it starts with people wearing dirt on the foreheads and ends with children hunting colored eggs.  We give up chocolate, eat hot cross buns, wave palm branches and eventually talk about Jesus, a man, dying and coming back to life.  Yes, this is a confusing time of the year.
            It is also a confusing time of the year for those who are deeply involved in the church.  We aren’t in totally agreement about the events – how they occurred or even if they occurred.  Yet, it is a glorious time to talk about who Jesus was and how he comes to life in us today.
            I believe that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and celebrating how the faith of the disciples deepened from the experience.      My invitation to you is to walk this week as if you were there with the disciples.  Read the scriptures.  Ponder what was happening and then continue to read after Easter when life got even more confusing for them.   Join us for Maundy Thursday service at St. Paul’s.  Spend some time in the sanctuary on Good Friday or set aside some time elsewhere.  Then let’s come back together on Easter morning and celebrate.   

Prayers for the journey,
Pastor Peg


King Awards Ceremony now online

The King Awards worship service of April 12 has now been archived ...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Selfishness vs. selflessness - topic at Life & Faith, Tues., Apr. 14

Sam Woodrum has proposed our topic for conversation this Tuesday at Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh:  selfishness vs. selflessness.  He asked us to watch an Invisibilia video before we come.  Watch the "mirror touch story" which starts at about 6:00 minutes.

Sam wrote:  

I'd be interested to talk about selfishness vs. selflessness.  In the past I've tended to think that the more selfless and empathetic you can be the better (the more Christ-like, so the speak) but this story seems to be an example of extreme empathy, to the point that it is crippling... seems to enforce the idea that a balance between the two is best rather than just always pushing towards on side of that spectrum.

If you don't have time to watch the story, come anyway!

Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh – 2nd Tuesday of every Month Tuesday, 7:00pm, April 14, Tyler’s Tap Room. This is a Dutch treat discussion group. New people are welcomed enthusiastically - those who come set the topic for the night as we ponder how to connect what we believe to what we do.  Look for our red comma.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Email - 10 APRIL 2015

From the Interim Pastor
Parents’ Night Out (Childcare for CUCC Children) and Lock-In For Youth – April 10th
April 12 Worship Service – Cy & Carolyn King Award Presentation
Church-Wide Outdoor Event & Camping: April 25-26!
Life& Faith in Downtown Raleigh
Sisters in Spirit (SIS) – Thursday, April 16, 6:00pm
Save the date!  Solar Celebration at Anderson Point Park - April 19
A Decluttering Opportunity – Book Sale May 1 - 3
Congregations for Social Justice – Faith & Practice Series

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A De-cluttering Opportunity – Book Sale May 1 - 3

CUCC has been invited to join the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh in sponsoring their ANNUAL BOOK SALE on Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 3.  Please bring books that you would like to donate and drop them in the boxes in the hallway by the coat racks.  CUCC will receive the proceeds from any books we sell.

Plan to come to the sale which begins Friday morning, May 1st. On Sunday, May 3, all remaining books will be half price. If you would like to help with the book sale or would like more information, contact Peg Hulslander.

Cy & Carolyn King Award at April 12 worship

The Social Justice Ministry will provide the worship service next Sunday, April 12, for the Cy and Carolyn King Peace and Justice Award.  Join us as we are reminded how our spiritual focus and our social justice actions go hand in hand.  The recipients of the awards this year are Collins Kilburn and Leo and Judy Occhetti-Klohr. The King Award is named after Cy and Carolyn King who were long time members of the church and avid social activists.  Please plan to join us for this special service.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

CUCC PARENTS, do you need a NIGHT OUT?

CUCC Youth can help you! Youth are providing childcare for CUCC CHILDREN AGES 3 and up on Friday, April 10: 6-9 PM! YOUR KIDS WILL BE FED AND CARED FOR WELL, while you go out for a nice quiet evening! This is a fundraiser for summer youth church camp. We are hoping that every youth who wants to go to camp will be able to. Suggested donation is $20 per family. Please email Śānti ASAP at to register. Youth will then stay beyond 9:00 for a LOCK-IN with games, a movie, and an overnight lock-in.

- Submitted by Śānti Matthews and the youth

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Weekly Email - 2 APRIL 2015

From the Interim Pastor
Holy Week Events
Children’s Church School this Easter Sunday
Tuesday Evening Taizé Service – April 7th
Parents’ Night Out (Childcare for CUCC Children) and Lock-In For Youth – April 10th
April 12 Worship Service – Cy & Carolyn King Award Presentation
Church-Wide Outdoor Event & Camping: April 25-26!
“Let Your Life Speak” Series
Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh
Sisters in Spirit (SIS) – Thursday, April 16, 6:00pm
Save the date!  Solar Celebration at Anderson Point Park - April 19
A De-cluttering Opportunity – Book Sale May 1 - 3
CUCC Family Fun Auction Party – April 18