Monday, April 27, 2015

Moral Wednesday this week to celebrate 2nd anniversary of Moral Mondays

MORAL MONDAY Anniversary and Activities

Wednesday, April 29, is the second anniversary of the Moral Monday demonstrations.   In honor of the anniversary, and in order to remind the legislature that we are still exceedingly unhappy with their actions, there will be a rally at 5:00 on Bicentennial Mall between the Museums of History and Science downtown. It is very important that we have a good number of participants in order to clearly make the point that we are here for the long haul. Arrestees are asked to wear their arm bands if they still have them.   Some will be provided if yours was cut off or taken.     If you can, PLEASE COME!!

 Here is the schedule of events:

10:00 Clergy will meet at Davie Street Presbyterian and they will do some action at noon, assume at the old Capitol or State House.   At present we do not have any clergy going from CUCC.   Rick and Jill Edens and probably Doug Long will be among the participants, so UCC is represented.

3:00 pm there will be an informational and inspirational meeting at Davie Street Presbyterian Church.  Those willing to serve as Marshalls will be given instruction.   Arrestees will be acknowledged.   We will receive information about upcoming opportunities for Civil Disobedience as well as the plans for Forward Together actions this summer.   Joan will pick Peg up at CUCC at 2:30 and will be able to take two additional riders if you are interested.   Call Joan.

red and white banner saying Community United Church of Christ
5:00 there will be a rally and celebration on Bicentennial Mall .   People in the meeting at Davie Street Presbyterian will join the other rally participants on the mall.   There will be a band, speeches, etc.   I have not heard whether or not there is any Civil Disobedience planned.   Look for the CUCC banner.  If you plan to go to the rally and could take riders, please let Cathy know.   Also if you need a ride at 4:30, let Cathy know.

Parking :   The parking lot at the corner of Jones and Wilmington is a good choice for parking.   You will get a ticket when you go in to park, but the gates are left open after 5:30 and you don’t have to pay. Enter the lot either from Jones Street or Edenton St.

Future events:
Dr. Barber says that future events in Raleigh will be on Wednesdays due to some procedures instituted by the General Assembly to thwart our Moral Monday demonstrations.   Mondays will be dedicated to visit legislators in their home districts, especially those who have been short-sighted and destructive to the citizens of the state.

On July 6 (Monday) there will be a big rally in Winston Salem.   This will be the first day of federal court hearings on voter suppression in NC.   I’m sure we will plan carpools for anyone interested in going.   More later. – Submitted by Joan McAllister