Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prayer for Workers Killed or Injured in North Carolina

This morning I was honored and humbled to bring a prayer to the service remembering those workers who were injured or killed in North Carolina in the past year.  Sue Cottle and Joan McAllister joined me as we gathered, then walked to the Department of Labor to take letters to Commissioner Cherie Berry asking for more diligence in creating a safer work environment in our state.  Please join me in prayer.

Creator God.  Loving Spirit.
We are here to today for a very specific reason:  to lift up the names of those who have died or suffered illness or injury on the job in North Carolina.

We have gathered at this particular site because on March 23, 2015 Jose Hernandez, Jose Luis Lopez-Ramirez, and Anderson Almeida lost their lives here.   Elmer Guevara was injured.

Gracious God, we turn to you remembering what these men contributed to our world, and lifting up their families, friends, and co-workers whose lives have been forever changed by this tragedy.  Even those of us who never knew them have been affected, because our community feels these losses deeply.  From the moment we heard the news of the accident, our lives were changed.  The lives of their families were changed.  The lives of every worker in North Carolina were changed.

Remind us, God, that we need each other.  We need to lean on each other.  We need to stand with each other and we need to stand up for each other.  We pray for honest jobs, solid wages, and safe working conditions.  We pray for the support of those in positions of power and authority.  And we pray for constant reminders that together we can make a difference.

In the name of all that is good and honest and noble and true.  Amen.