Monday, April 13, 2015

Selfishness vs. selflessness - topic at Life & Faith, Tues., Apr. 14

Sam Woodrum has proposed our topic for conversation this Tuesday at Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh:  selfishness vs. selflessness.  He asked us to watch an Invisibilia video before we come.  Watch the "mirror touch story" which starts at about 6:00 minutes.

Sam wrote:  

I'd be interested to talk about selfishness vs. selflessness.  In the past I've tended to think that the more selfless and empathetic you can be the better (the more Christ-like, so the speak) but this story seems to be an example of extreme empathy, to the point that it is crippling... seems to enforce the idea that a balance between the two is best rather than just always pushing towards on side of that spectrum.

If you don't have time to watch the story, come anyway!

Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh – 2nd Tuesday of every Month Tuesday, 7:00pm, April 14, Tyler’s Tap Room. This is a Dutch treat discussion group. New people are welcomed enthusiastically - those who come set the topic for the night as we ponder how to connect what we believe to what we do.  Look for our red comma.