Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Historical material forwarded to the transition team

Joan McAllister, on behalf of the pastoral transition team, asked me to put together some information from the CUCC Archive that will give the transition team an overview of the church history over the past 50-60 years. The documents and media files listed here constitute a stab at doing that.
-- Lavon Page (May 5, 2015)

This list of resources reflects what we have in our archive. It does not pretend to present a balanced overview of the church. "Spiritual growth" efforts don't get documented in the same manner as social justice initiatives. So our archive is lean in that area. The "Remembrances" and the  "100th Anniversary Scrapbook" contain lots of photos that paint the human side of the church. The other scrapbook you'll see references to is of great value as well, but since it was assembled around 1960 you won't learn anything from it that pertains to the last 50 years.
Origins of church slogan

Peggy Hoffmann's history of the 1980s

Peggy Hoffmann's commentary on the church in the 1970s

Remembrances - transcription of interviews with most of the most active people in the church in 1981 in celebration of the 100th anniversary (in some sense) of the church. This is an extremely valuable piece of the archive.

Two forum sessions on church history (led by Cy King and Isabella Cannon) - videos made by Ed Klemmer around 1998.


A conversation with Cy King - an audio recording made January 2013 in which Cy reflects in an uninhibited fashion on just about everything.

Videos of all the senior pastors during the past 50 years - available under the "Pulpit" tab in the archive.

Cy King recounts long history of social action (2011) - video made during 10:30 worship

1981 Scrapbook made on occasion of the 100th anniversary - this is brand new. I scanned it an organized the images over the past 6 months. -- Lavon