Monday, May 4, 2015

How Will the Church Confront Economic Injustices?

Many thoughtful people believe that our current economic system is broken. We continue to witness the stress and suffering left in the path of "Our Great Recession."

What do faith communities have to say about this brokenness? How can we respond, not to just the immediate needs, but to the unjust structural systems which perpetuate inequality, lack of opportunity and hopelessness?

The list of concerns is extensive and critical: wealth inequality, livable wages, wage theft, worker benefits, on-call worker scheduling, safety in the workplace, misclassifying workers, fair retirement plans with qualified financial advisers, job training, access to education, student debt, child care, unfair tax laws, reforming financial institutions, fair financial services for our low income population, protecting consumers, payday loans, food insecurity, poverty in our schools and our community, affordable housing, health care, influence of money in politics and on decision making, etc.

However, there are exciting, creative possibilities to consider.

Our Economic Justice Task Force struggles with these concerns, but we are a small group. We don't know what our future may be at CUCC. We invite everyone to join us for a discussion on economic justice and CUCC on Wednesday, May 13, at 10:30am in the Bradow Room. John Parker will facilitate our conversation. John has experience in many community organizations. He is a student at Duke Divinity School and is completing an internship with Covenant Community. We hope you will join us. We need your support and welcome your ideas.

- Submitted by Shirley Birt for the Economic Justice Task Force