Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our first "Jobs for Life" graduates!

The “Jobs for Life” program we announced last fall has just graduated its first students.  The course, sponsored by our Economic Justice Task Force, teaches unemployed and underemployed people basic job skills that will improve their career opportunities and their lives. The course was held at Loaves & Fishes and most of the students were former LAF students and parents.

Over eight weeks, the classes covered such issues as conflict resolution, identifying career goals, writing a resume, interviewing skills and identifying and overcoming roadblocks.  We invited a number of businesspeople to the class to give real-world insights about the careers the participants were seeking.CUCC members who volunteered were Shirley Birt, Susan Lane, Adrienne Little, Joan McAllister, Robert Parrish. Jane Smith,  Edith Sylla, Laura Upchurch and Kathy Widenhouse.

The feedback we received from the students was extremely  positive and enthusiastic.   We will stay in touch with them over the weeks and months to come to see the long-term effects of the program. The Economic Justice Task Force will be evaluating the course and determining if we will hold another session in the fall.

-- Submitted by Susan Lane
for the Economic Justice Task Force