Monday, May 4, 2015

What is your mission in our "missional church?"

Yesterday in worship, Pr. Peg invited us to read all of Acts this week to imagine what the "missional church" looked like in the beginning days of the early church.  In Pr. Peg's words, the "missional church" is "the church out there" - doing God's work in the world.  Whether through our work, in our neighborhoods, through volunteering - how are we serving?

The Social Justice Ministry just asked us the same question, sort of, with a survey of congregational members to learn what justice groups we support, where we volunteer, and what community needs are important to us.  You can see those results on the wall of the Fellowship Hall.

At the congregational meeting, Mac Hulslander wondered whether our new staff person for Youth and Adult Education might help us individually discern our calls and support us together in ministry in the world.

And of course, the congregation as a whole is entering a time of discernment about our future in ministry during this transitional time.


the May 12 gathering of Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh will give us a chance to chew over these questions for our own lives.  Do I have a sense of my personal mission?  How can CUCC support that work?  What is currently helping me or blocking me, giving me hope or discouraging me?  If I'm not sure about how to be "out there," how am I doing in this time of discernment and what support might I need?  Is this whole idea inspiring or creepy?

Of course, as always, if someone has a topic he or she would rather discuss, we'll go with that instead!

See you at Tyler's Taproom at 7PM, Tuesday, May 12.  Dutch treat.  Look for the red Life & Faith comma.

- submitted by Jane Smith