Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's your history, too!

From your intentional interim pastor
June 19, 2015

            Your Transition Team has been very busy planning and preparing for the beginning of the Heritage part of the Intentional Interim Ministry process.  That sounds more formal than what is actually going to happen.  We hope that you really enjoy learning!  Mark your calendars for the upcoming dates.

HERITAGE: Merging Our Personal Histories with our Church History

June 28 – Introduction in worship
July 5 – beginning of weekly Heritage Moments in worship
Sunday, July 19 -- Kick-Off!!!  Worship will center around our heritage and after church we will share a light lunch and explain in more detail the entire process and begin the timeline. 
Saturday, August 15  - ICE CREAM SOCIAL/GAME NIGHT to help us learn about our church! 
Sunday, September 27 - we will celebrate and mark the end of our exploration of our history.
            I want to invite you to wander around our fabulous website and go into the CUCC scrapbook and archives.  Read the reflections of those who came before us.  Listen to former pastors preach.  Look at pictures.  In other words, explore your family history for if you are part of CUCC, these are your people, too.
            A lot of effort has been put into this website and the archives in order to keep up informed, engaged and connected.  I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

Prayers for the journey,
Pastor Peg

Pastor Peg will be away from the office from noon on June 18 until June 30.  She will be in the office on July 1.  In case of pastoral emergencies, please contact the church office, Joy Alford or Rev. Robert Parrish.