Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Crazy and Joyful Week at CUCC

This past week was a crazy and joyful week here at CUCC.

We baptized Cyrus William Nicholl, son of Laurel Powell and Richard Nicholl, and brother of Ella and Lola.  

We gave Bibles to five young people:

Samantha Burki, Anna Ellison Downey,Caroline Nkanda, Sarah Jane Sigmon, Dax Murray Welborn.

We marched in Durham's Gay Pride Parade, a first for me.

All of these were humbling experiences.

Taking an infant from his parents and promising to be part of his village reminds us of obligations we have when people come into our churches.  Giving the children their Bible with their names inscribed on the cover brought tears to my eyes.  It is a powerful moment in their lives and mine, to be honest!  Whether infant or school-age, they come to be part of something special.  And we at CUCC are that something!  We will be able to walk with Cyrus, Sammi, Ellison, Caroline, Sarah Jane and Dax as they grow in faith.  We all come to Community United Church of Christ to grow in faith, don't we?

Walking in the Gay Pride Parade in the rain with others from CUCC was another humbling moment.  As the crowd saw our sign "COMMUNITY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST" they often cheered.  I was truly moved to tears when I saw the joy and excitement on their faces.  They were happy to see us there.  They were moved to celebrate.  I carried a sign offering "free hugs" and two young people ran up for a hug.  I couldn't speak for the tears where too close to spilling over.  

Standing in front of a small group of men holding signs informing us we were not in God's good graces was a man dressed as Jesus.  "Jesus" was holding a sign that said, "I'm not with these people, but I love them anyway."

People laughed and smiled and many ran up to "Jesus" to have their picture taken with him.  

I celebrate the mission and ministry of Community United Church of Christ.  I celebrate the love you have for all of God's people -- yes, all -- ALL.  I celebrate that you are an open and affirming congregation who cares for animals and the earth.  

Let's keep loving those God loves.