Friday, November 13, 2015

Justice opportunities for you

Adrienne Little (on behalf of our social justice ministry) sends these opportunities to work for justice from the Nov. 13 Congregations for Social Justice.

1 - CSJ Inventory of Resources for and Interest in Reentry from Prison
The attached form gives us an opportunity to know what your congregation is doing or has available to meet the needs of persons coming back to our community after completing their sentences. Many of these persons need help accessing the resources for a successful reentry. The task of getting a job, housing, driver’s license, food and clothes before the first paycheck can be daunting, and some are seeking a welcoming faith community as well. Let us know what you are doing or want to do. We will let you know if any of your services or volunteers are needed by the newly formed Capital Area Reentry Council, a network of agencies and faith-groups working together to assist individuals. The form can be downloaded, filled in, and returned to .
See Attachment

2 - Emergency Climate Response -- People Demanding Action Now
       Wednesday December 2 @ 7:00
       Raleigh Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. 3313 Wade Ave
Nick Wood of NC WARN ( will be presenting about Duke Energy, the world’s largest corporate utility and the largest emitter of climate disrupting greenhouse gases in the United States.  Leading climate scientists are warning that humanity must make drastic reductions in Greenhouse gases - our current path could lead to 10 feet of sea level rise by 2050. But we can do something about it! Nick will be focusing on the exciting new Emergency Climate Response campaign recently launched by NC WARN and allies, calling on Attorney General Roy Cooper to use his authority and to enforce and amend Duke’s corporate charter to close its coal plants without more nuclear or natural gas, stop blocking solar competition and stop polluting the politics of North Carolina.  Join us to learn more and get involved!

3 - As you guessed, due to Thanksgiving being the last Thursday of November, and New Year's Eve being the last Thursday of December, JustBeer will not convene again until January 28, 2016!