Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Invitation to see new film

(Note: This post refers to the UU Fellowship in Raleigh, but the film will be shown at the UU Fellowship on Watkins Rd. which is located about midway between Wake Forest and Knightdale. The address is included in the poster you view when you click the link in the post.  -- Lavon)

We received this invitation from the Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship in Raleigh.

Greetings Rev Nowling Williams:
I'm a playwright from Rocky Mount, NC--and a short film version of my play, You Wouldn't Expect, will be screened at the UU PEACE Fellowship on December 20th at noon.  This film recounts the horrific experiences of one of the almost 8,000 victims of the NC Eugenics Program. I would like to personally extend a welcome to you and any of your members to join us for the screening and discussion of the film.

Thanks, and best to you.

Marilynn Barner Anselmi