Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Video narrative about the church

Several months ago I started planning a video narrative about the church. The goal was not to provide a history of the church, nor was it to create a promotional video for the church. I simply wanted to share some of what I know and appreciate about the church in the form of a "Ken Burns style" video narrative.

Thanks to those who have viewed any of the earlier drafts and made suggestions. The video has now grown to 71 minutes, and I think I'd better close the door on it before it gets any longer. It's a long and complex road because CUCC has so many pieces in its family tree. There have been great achievements and an extraordinary cast of characters as well as significant bumps in the road.

The video is in four separate parts split roughly as follows ...

  • Part 1 (12 min.) - early church history
  • Part 2 (16 min.) - mid 20th century period
  • Part 3 (20 min.) - 1960s through 1980s
  • Part 4 (23 min.) - last 25 years

In any case, I'm now making it known that the video exists. It's not an "official church document" any more than lots of the other artifacts in our archive are official documents. It's one of many documents in the archive that present a variety of stories about the church. And this video draws very heavily on other documents in the archive.

You can find the complete video (all four parts) here in the church archive ...