Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Call for nominations for pastoral search committee

Members of Community United Church of Christ,

Greetings from the Deacons’ Ministry!  The Transition Team has invited us to form a Pastoral Search Committee.  We have had discussions with Pastor Peg and reviewed the UCC’s resources for congregations engaged in the Search for and Call of a new pastor to help us understand this exciting responsibility.  Here’s where we need your help.

JOIN US IN THE FORMATION OF THE SEARCH COMMITTEE!  Submit your prayerfully considered, written nomination(s) of potential committee members from the church membership.   Review the criteria for committee members on the nomination form.  Be specific about the qualities you see in your nominee(s) that will make them an asset to the committee.  Helpful document:  Five Commitments for Search Committees

Search Committee Nominations form
This form was also included in the weekly CUCC newsletter (3/17/16) and will be an insert in the Sunday Bulletin (3/20/16).  Nominations may be submitted by mail to the church office, in the box at the back of the sanctuary or filled out on your computer and submitted by email, starting Sunday, March 20 and ending Sunday April 3, 2016.  The email address for nominations is

We thank you in advance for your assistance.  We will be engaging in prayerful discernment to select the seven committee members.  We intend to have the committee in place by the end of April.

Yours in Christ Service,

Jim Smith, Chair, for the Deacons’ Ministry