Monday, March 7, 2016

Good news: A story from Adrienne

From time to time we will post stories from CUCC people.

Adrienne's story
At a Social Justice Ministry meeting we decided we would like to help formerly incarcerated individuals adjust to life outside of prison. It was when many people were being released.

Our plan was announced in church in a Ministry Moment given by Mike Soboeiro. Five people signed a volunteer sheet.

Shortly after that I attended a Capital Area Reentry Council Resource Fair. Sara Stohler and I were staffing the table with a faith based sign.   A young lady came up and expressed her need to find a church where she would not be judged. I invited her to our church.  We scheduled her to talk at our morning forum. The people who heard her were impressed. Most of these members had not signed the original volunteer sheet.

Together we were able to furnish rides  to various events including Dennis Gaddy's program for individuals making an adjustment to  life outside of prison, some volunteer programs, a cleaning job for a church member, and for daily rides to StepUp. With help from Sara Stohler she was able to get a place in a group home.  She now has a job and is taking a bus to and from work.  The support we gave this young woman made the transition to the community easier.

Please continue praying for her.

- Adrienne Little, coordinator of CUCC's support for this young lady and a member of CUCC's Social Justice Ministry

Want to know more?
CUCC group sponsoring this project:  Social Justice Ministry

Groups in the community that were partners:
Capital Area Reentry Council
Dennis Gaddy and the Community Success Initiative
StepUp Ministry
Sara Stohler is a friend from St. Mark's Episcopal Church