Monday, May 2, 2016

CUCC's (and your!) unique voice at Faith Voices for Clean Energy

Wish North Carolina were doing more to bring clean energy to our state?  Here's one very important thing you can do immediately.  Write or show up!

NC Interfaith Power & Light is having a faith-infused advocacy day at the legislature next Wednesday, May 11.  Several CUCCers (including Jane and Gary Smith) will be speaking to their legislators, asking them to support clean energy in North Carolina.  

You can:  
- make an appointment to meet with your senator and/ or representative to speak for yourself*
- send a letter or email to Jane Smith that she will hand deliver to your legislators for you.  Email Jane by midnight, Monday, May 9 or give Jane your signed letter Sunday, May 8.

*If you happen to be represented by Senator John Alexander or Rep. Grier Martin, join Gary and Jane at their appointment.

What is CUCC's unique voice of faith?
We are a faith community and since 2007 we've been exploring ways to reduce climate change and mitigate its effects, especially for people who have the fewest resources to adapt.  Why?  Because we understand creation to be God's good gift to all people and ourselves, as Christians, to be called to love one another.  As important as making changes in our own homes have been the steps we have taken to pre-weatherize homes of low-income home owners, and to run a pilot funding for solar arrays on non-profits to free money for their work in low-wealth communities.  We know first hand how individual families are being harmed by fossil fuels, and we have seen ways that volunteers can leverage state and federal funds to make an impact.

What is your unique voice of faith?

Tell your story - what does your faith tell you about climate change, fossil fuels, and legislative opportunities?  You might consider asking your representative to support renewal of the renewable energy property tax credits for nonprofits - we have demonstrated that they work!  HB 454 (introduced in 2015) doesn't mention including nonprofits; maybe your representative and senator would support a 2016 version, amended to include donations to renewable energy profits on nonprofits?

How do I find out who represents me?
Type in your address, then click on the underlined number on the map that is in your district.  There is one map for the House and one for the Senate.  You'll find your legislator's name, address, and office number.