Monday, May 16, 2016

Break the fast with our Muslim friends

Pastor Peg received this invitation for CUCC folks to attend evening dinners which break the fast during Ramadan.  You are invited to attend any evening (schedule below).  If you would like to join others from CUCC, Frank Gailor and Pastors Peg and Ken plan to attend (probably on different nights); contact them.  Or let Jane Smith know and she will post the night you want to attend so others can join you!  Please let the Institute know which night you plan to attend.  RSVP

Here is the invitation:

Dear Pastor Peg Nowling Williams,

I serve as one of the officers under Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies ( in Cary, NC. One of our goals is to bring local communities together to promote compassion, cooperation, partnership and community service through interfaith activities.

We are contacting you to invite you, members of your family, members of your congregation, and your colleagues to share our table to break bread together with our community members in the month of Ramadan. We will have dinners almost every night during Ramadan and we would like to break our fast with our neighbors regardless of their religion by gathering around the table to taste the delicious Turkish meals and to share an interfaith spiritual atmosphere in this sacred month.

Please kindly let us know whether you could honor our dinner table. If so, could you please let us know through this link about which night you would prefer? You will receive a confirmation email after we confirm the availability of that night. We can accommodate 8 guests per night per group.

This year we plan to show a documentary movie “Love is a Verb” as we did last year. This will be followed by a quick tour and brief introduction about the mosque, prayers and the month of fasting by an IITS volunteer. Our guests can interact with the community members while waiting for the sunset and the dinner. Since the sunset is sometime around 8:35 pm during those days we will have to wait until then to start the dinner.

7:00 pm “Love is a Verb” - Documentary Screening (Optional)
8:00 pm Presentation / Q&A
~8:40 pm (with sunset) Fast Breaking Dinner

- Place: Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies (IITS)
- Address: 1391 SE Maynard Rd, Cary (Next Door to the DMV)
- Dates: Any day between 6/6 and 7/4, except 6/11.6/24 and 6/25
- Participation is free of charge.
-  Please RSVP via this registration link or by sending email to or calling (919) 322-9960

We also would like to invite you and your guests to our Open House event on 6/11 Saturday and to our Annual Ramadan Community Tent on 6/24 Friday and 6/25 Saturday.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Nihat Fidan