Thursday, June 9, 2016

Are you receiving the CUCC Weekly Email?

If you use Gmail and think you are not receiving the weekly church email that Cathy sends out, think again. What's most likely happening is that Gmail is filtering the church email into your "Promotions" category. Look at the tabs above your Inbox and see if you see tabs named "Primary", "Social", and "Promotions". (This classification scheme for incoming mail was introduced in Gmail about 6 months ago as a way of separating out spam from our private email. You can turn this feature off, but most Gmail users find it helpful.)

If you haven't been receiving church weekly email in your "Primary" listing, check to see if you find church email in your "Promotions" listing. If so, you can follow a simple step which teaches Gmail to allow your church weekly email to go into your "Primary" listing. The following image shows how to do this ...

  Click image to enlarge  
If you choose to "always put message from that sender" in your inbox, future church email will always go into your Primary inbox.

Do keep in mind that all church weekly email is archived in this news blog. You can find the archived weekly email under the "Weekly News" tab at the top. You can also get to recent Weekly News via a link in the right sidebar at the church website.