Monday, June 27, 2016

Being better citizens

On my way to church I stopped in at CVS and got to talking to the clerk, probably 21, about carrying cash. He didn't see a need for it, which led me to ask if he had traveled abroad. He didn't know what "abroad" meant, and it turns out he didn't know anything about the vote in the UK last week. I am not sure he knew what UK and the European Union means, or what a pound is, for that matter. I'm betting he won't vote in November either.

I think it is very important for our young people to know about the world in which they live.  Parents, grandparents, friends, how about engaging our young people over a meal?  No lecture or homework assignments, but just conversations about what is happening.  Where do they want to travel?  Do they know where those countries are?  Where have you traveled?

And once you start talking about other countries, you can talk about other religions.  And food.  And what is happening in those countries.

What ideas do you have for engaging our young people in conversation?  Let's do our part to help them be better citizens of the world.

prayers for the journey,