Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is Understanding Each Other Still Possible?

During this divisive Presidential campaign, I have friends and family in both camps. My liberal friends think of the opposition as hateful, divisive, and reminiscent of the crowd that brought Hitler to power. My conservative friends have equally negative conceptions of their liberal opposition. Neither side even to a slight extent trusts the motivation of the other side, and attributes the worst possible motive to each suspicion that arises of what the other side is up to.

During the past week I've come across two articles that taken together provide an interesting forum for two opposing world views. Both articles are well written and provide an entirely rational world view that can be used to justify one camp or the other in this messy Presidential campaign. I find it helpful to read them together as a way of reminding myself that in the realm of politics "good" vs. "evil" often involves a lot of gray. This is not to say that good people should stay out of politics, but it does suggest that as soon as we find ourselves demonizing folks who don't subscribe to our world view, we're on a very slippery slope.

I have no recommendation with regard to which should be read first. Try tossing a coin ...