Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Karen Withem film to appear in Great Lakes International Film Festival

In the fall of 2014 I had the pleasure of observing our own Karen Withem directing a short film (7 minutes) that was made in Raleigh. (The two days of filming that I observed were at two locations. One day the movie set was in a hospital room at Wake Med, and the other location was at the intersection of Ridge Rd. and Glen Eden just a block from the home of Geraldine Bryan.) I played a minor role in helping with the logistics of the filming. (My truck appears in the film.)

The resulting short film called "A Rude Awakening" has been accepted to appear in the Great Lakes International Film Festival. This film festival has showcased nearly 1,000 films over the past 10 years including numerous films that have been aired on HBO, PBS, and the Sundance channel.

On-line screenings and audience award voting will commence Sep. 22 and run through Sep. 30. I'll post additional information once the schedule is announced.

Below are some photos I took during the filming session near Geraldine's house.

Karen conferring with the star of the film Hannah Elsie Chapman
 and the author of the script Bina High

Lining up the angles with cinematographer Chris Medico

Positioning the camera and affixing it to the car
for a rear shot of the driving scene

Affixing the camera for a front view of the driving scene

Shooting a scene on Ridge road with camera man in front seat and Karen driving