Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016

Dear friends,

Advent is a very special time in the church year.  In fact, the first Sunday of the liturgical year is the first Sunday of Advent.  This year that will be November 27.

Advent is a time of expectantly waiting for the Christ Child to come yet again.  Your staff has worked hard to create worship experiences that will bring you closer into the story, about a family of refugees and how they made their way in the world.

As you await the coming of the Christ child you will also be awaiting the coming of your new pastor, the Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas, who was called as your pastor yesterday.

As part of my role as your intentional interim minister, I need to give you the time and space to begin your preparation and time of anticipation.  In order to do this my last Sunday with you will be November 20, 2016, the day of the Fall Congregational Meeting.  Ken will come from Connecticut to be with us because he has been blessed by you as well.

It has been my absolute pleasure and delight to have served here and I will take with me wonderful memories and friendships.  Soon I’ll be “living” in West Hartford, Connecticut with Ken, who is already there.  I hope his interim experience is as wonderful as mine has been with you.

In gratitude,

Peg Williams