Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One morning of volunteering - Nov. 12

This Sunday at Forum (9:30AM, Fellowship Hall) we will hear from Dennis Gaddy who works with those leaving incarceration.  Adrienne Little passes along this opportunity to be a help at a one morning event where lawyers will provide pro bono legal help to apply for expungement of criminal records.  Here is the message Adrienne forwarded from Sara Stohler.

Dennis Gaddy called this week and told me about an important new initiative that is being sponsored cooperatively by the District Attorney’s office (Loren Freeman), the Public Defender, NC Justice Center, Legal Aid of NC, Campbell Law School, Dennis Gaddy’s Community Success Initiative, and several other groups.

 On Nov. 12, there will be about 300 persons who have criminal records who qualify for expungement of those records, an action that will make employment and housing more readily available. Lawyers will be at Chavis Community Center from 9-12 AM, offering pro bono legal help to apply for expungement. This is an amazing new initiative.

Loren Freeman and Dennis Gaddy both would like the help of volunteers from the community. Our role will be to help with set-up, give directions and answer questions, and provide a welcoming atmosphere. We will be there to do whatever is needed to make this initiative a success.

If you or a small group from your congregation can participate, please email Sara Stohler

We are asking people to be at Chavis Community Center by 8:30 (or 8:45) and stay until 12:30 or 1:00, as needed.