Monday, December 12, 2016

Advent Poems for Monday Lunch Group in December

Monday Lunch Group continues their Advent focus on using poetry in meditation.

On Dec. 26 we will take a break from our series for our Christmas party. Bring a salad if you haven't signed up for anything. We have room at the table for everyone. For details call Sue Cottle. We will have a short video after lunch. If you can't join us we will miss you. - Sue Cottle

A note from Ann Retzer:  Since our December  Monday programs vary from one week to the next and I may not always be there, I have attached  'An Advent Poetry Companion: Poems for Prayer and Pondering' so there will be a new poem for meditation every day. *  Use these however it works for you. In the past two weeks, I have used three or four of their poems along with other selections from different sources. More poems later.

* When I thought about MLG doing poetry for Advent, I found 'An Advent Poetry Companion: Poems for Prayer and Pondering' while googling around. It's from The Education for Justice website at It has more than 3,500 print-ready resources . . . they offer a trial week free. In their words: The Education for Justice Web site is a dynamic resource designed to help educators find print-ready resources which foster greater knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching and demonstrate connections to current social justice issues and world events. More than 3,500 print-ready resources are immediately available.