Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Parking Request for the Installation Service

right turn only road sign
Remember to TURN RIGHT
when exiting the Wade Avenue
parking lot!   Stay safe.
CUCC family, please park in the Wade Avenue lot or on the street.

We anticipate many visitors and would like them to be able to use the Dixie Trail parking lot.

CUCC drivers needing a handicap parking spot or have trouble walking are welcome to use either parking lot.

There will be a drop off zone along the curb by Pilgrim House in case you prefer to drop off your car-full and then park on the street.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Time to take a deep breath ...

Amidst the violence in Charlottesville and the rage in Durham, David Brooks suggests in today's NY Times that a little dose of modesty would do us all some good.

"But throughout history the wiser minds have understood that anger and moral posturing are not a good antidote to rage and fanaticism. Competing vitriols only build on each other ...

... the most powerful answer to fanaticism is modesty. Modesty is an epistemology directly opposed to the conspiracy mongering mind-set ...

Progress is not made by crushing some swarm of malevolent foes; it’s made by finding balance between competing truths ...

Modesty means having the courage to rest in anxiety and not try to quickly escape it. Modesty means being tough enough to endure the pain of uncertainty and coming to appreciate that pain. Uncertainty and anxiety throw you off the smug island of certainty and force you into the free waters of creativity and learning.

Over the next few months I’m hoping to write several columns on why modesty and moderation are superior to the spiraling purity movements we see today. It seems like a good time for assertive modesty to take a stand."

Link to entire op-ed piece: How to roll back fanaticism

Monday, August 14, 2017

Durham - Monday, August 13

This video is displayed for informational purposes only. Better to know than not know.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Installation - August 20

Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas preaching at a pulpit
On August 20, 2017 Community United Church of Christ will celebrate the Installation of its newest Pastor, Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas, who began her ministry at CUCC on January 1, 2017. In the United Church of Christ the “Installation is the liturgical celebration of the covenantal relationship among an ordained minister; the local church; and the Association.”

At a time such as this when even the ground beneath our feet seems to shift and burn with the tides, we as a nation are more hungry than ever for a word of HOPE. It has been said that religion in
the West is failing...dying, and that the political landscape of our time will siphon off what is left of organized religion. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr., who said, “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war,” we remember that it is not for religion that we must organize, but peace.

As we continue in the stead of the many who have gone before us, including Dr. Martin Luther King, jr., Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, the late Madiba (Nelson Mandela) and the Mother of prayer and servanthood, Mother Theresa, as well as our own modern day prophets such as Rev. Dr. William Barber, we gather in one Spirit, in covenant with all of Creation, towards a new religious ecology; called to love and serve that all might experience the love of God.

As a faith community who takes seriously the call to witness to and for the breadth of God’s extravagant and inclusive love Community United Church of Christ hosts this celebration in partnership with our community and invites you: local neighbors, friends and families of all faiths and manifestations of the Spirit to join us for this joyous occasion.

Please join us on Sunday, August 20 at 4:00pm 
for a Service of Installation and Reception 
for Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas
Community United Church of Christ 
814 Dixie Trail
Raleigh, NC 27607

Lectionary for the Week of August 13, 2017

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Green
Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28; Psalm 105:1-6, 16-22, 45b or 1 Kings 19:9-18; 
Psalm 85:8-13; Romans 10:5-15; Matthew 14:22-33


   Sunday - 8/13      
  9:00am Taizé Worship – Sanctuary
  9:30am Choir Practice - Sanctuary
10:30am Worship Service - Sanctuary
10:45am Children’s Church - Sunday School Room
10:45am Youth Church School - Youth Room 
   11:45am Fellowship - Vaughan Fellowship Hall
12:00pm Caring Committee - Bradow Room
12:00pm Community Outreach Ministry Meeting - Hoffmann Room
12:00pm Economic Justice Task Force - Library
12:00pm Religious Education Ministry Meeting - Pilgrim House
  4:00pm Covenant Community - Bradow Room
Monday - 8/14
12:15pm Monday Lunch Group - Hoffmann Room
Tuesday - 8/15 1
10:30am Office Staff Meeting - Pilgrim House
10:30am Triangle Interfaith Alliance - Hoffmann Room
Wednesday - 8/16  
  9:30am Tai Chi – Vaughan Fellowship Hall
  6:00pm Bible Study - Pilgrim House
  7:30pm PFLAG - Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Saturday - 8/19   
  9:30am Saturday Morning Book Club – Library
Sunday - 8/20  
  9:00am Taizé Worship – Sanctuary
  9:30am Adult Sunday School - Bradow Room
  9:30am Newcomer’s Coffee - Library
10:30am Worship Service  - Sanctuary
10:45am Children’s Church - Sunday School Room
10:45am Youth Church School - Youth Room 
   11:45am Fellowship - Vaughan Fellowship Hall
  4:00pm Covenant Community - Bradow Room   
  4:00pm Service of Installation & Reception for Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas

Youth Ministries - Upcoming Events

Youth Ministries
This will be a stellar year for CUCC Youth!  So many activities and events to look forward to - too many to list here; they are all listed on the CUCC website (  But here are a few highlights:

September 10: Beginning September 10, the Youth Group will meet every 2nd Sunday (We will skip Oct. & Jan. due to lock-ins)
September 17: Church School begins.  Confirmation class begins.
September 19: Peace Picnic 5:30-6:30pm at Loaves & Fishes
September 22: Parent Youth Kick-Off Meeting, 5:30-6:30pm, VFH
September 22 - 24: Youth Beach Retreat Weekend
October 8: Walk for Hope
October 15: Blessing of the Animals
October 21: Octoberfest (Church-wide)
October 22: CROP Walk, 3:00pm, Broughton HS
October 27-28:  Youth Lock-In

Sunday School News - Fall 2017

Children are welcome at CUCC!  On Sunday mornings we offer childcare and Sunday School classes.

The nursery is available from 9:00 AM until the conclusion of our worship service.  Children from birth through children turning 3 after August 31 attend the nursery.

Our preschool class is for children who turn 3 by August 31 through Kindergartners.

First graders through fifth graders attend our elementary class. Sixth graders move to the youth program.

Preschoolers, elementary children and youth participate in our worship service with their family and move from worship to Sunday School following the “Children’s Message” in the service. Parents pick up nursery, preschool and elementary children in their classrooms following worship.

An informational meeting for parents and Sunday School volunteers will be held at 9:30 AM on August 27 in the elementary classroom. Parents and volunteers please plan to attend to learn about our Sunday School rotation and how the preschool and elementary classes will interact.

Use the link here to print Sunday School registration forms or pick them up in the elementary classroom. A registration form is needed for each child.

Welcoming Sunday at CUCC is September 10. Please join us for a morning of worship, fellowship, fun and games for all ages as we end the summer schedule.  Everyone is welcome!!!

Special dates to remember for our children:
August 27:  9:30AM - Informational meeting for parents and volunteers.

September 10: Welcoming Sunday

September 17: Fall Sunday School Begins

September 17: Bible presentation during worship. Third graders and children who have not previously received a Bible will receive their Bibles during the “Children’s Message.”

October 15: 4:00 PM - The Blessing of the Animals in the courtyard. All pets are welcome and will receive a blessing from Pastor Jenny. In case of rain we will meet in the fellowship hall.

October 22: Cooking with Ms. Susan M. During Sunday School, we will begin preparing and freezing our treats for the following Sunday when we provide snacks for fellowship.

October 29: Cooking with Ms. Susan. Children provide snacks for fellowship. Parents assist with clean up.

November 26: Children and youth make ornaments for the church Christmas tree. Begin assigning roles and costumes for the Christmas Pageant.

December 3: Pageant Practice, role and costume assignment continues. – 5:00pm - Family Advent Workshop in the fellowship hall. Join us for crafts, fun, and a pizza dinner. All ages are welcome! Please bring a plate of cookies to share.

December 10: Christmas Pageant. All children and youth are welcome to participate. Visitors, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, nieces, nephews, etc. are all welcome. We have plenty of costumes.

December 17: Preschool and elementary children meet together and share the Christmas story.

December 24: No Sunday School

December 31: No Sunday School

Sanctuary Workshop at CUCC - "Sanctuary Matters:Testimony and Best Practices"

Invite your friends from the community who have expressed an interest in how they might be involved in a group effort to provide sanctuary.  Register here

Sanctuary Matters: Testimony and Best Practices
Sunday, September 17, 2-5 p.m.
Community United Church of Christ
814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh

In light of recent events involving the deportation and fears of our immigrant brothers and sisters throughout the state, the NC Council of Churches' annual Faith and Immigration Summit will focus on the topic of sanctuary this year.

photo of Rev. Noel Anderson
Rev. Noel Andersen
The Sunday afternoon training session at Community UCC is for congregations and clergy leaders interested in providing support and sanctuary for vulnerable individuals in North Carolina. We will discuss the many ways that your congregation can stand up against hate and dehumanization at this moment. Topics will include Rev. Noel Andersen, Grassroots Organizer for Church World Service out of the Washington, D.C. office.
testimony from people who have been in sanctuary and congregations that have opened their doors as sanctuaries, as well as training for congregations that are in the discernment process. The keynote speaker is

Registration costs $5, which can be paid by clicking here. (No lunch will be served.)

Can't make it Sunday?  The same workshop is being presented on Saturday morning in Chapel Hill.  The Saturday Chapel Hills workshop registration costs $10 and includes a Peruvian lunch, which can be paid by clicking here.

Saturday, September 16, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 
United Church of Chapel Hill
1321 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Chapel Hill

On Sunday, September 17, Rev. Andersen will preach at the United Church of Chapel Hill at the 8:45 and 11 a.m. services with music offered by his wife, Nina Marie Fernando, a singer-songwriter with a jazzy-folk sound. He will also lead the Adult Forum at 10 a.m., speaking about "A Conversation on Creating Sacred Space in Social Action."

Loaves and Fishes has Moved!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Got an "a-thon," a concert, or a collection to tell us about?

Now there is a place to post your invitation to all of us to support you in what you do outside of CUCC!  Look for the bulletin board next to the nursery labeled "You extend CUCC's work into the world."  A handwritten sign works just fine.

bulleting board with signs and plastic bags attached
Your message goes here
Selling Girl Scout cookies?
Running in a race to support a cause dear to your heart?
Collecting eyeglasses for a charity?
Performing in a play or concert or championship game?
Testifying at a public hearing and need some friends in the audience?
Co-hosting a support group?

One request:  Put your name on whatever you post.    

Ongoing requests will rotate so there is room for everyone.
facebook icon

You are using your talents to shine God's love in the world.  Thank you!

PS  You can also post directly on CUCC's Facebook page.  

Pray for Council - August 19

CUCC's Council will be on retreat Saturday, August 19, 1-7PM.  If you are willing to commit to praying for us during that time, please let me know so I can tell Council.  Knowing you are holding us in God's Light at some point during the day will be an encouragement.

We are:
Pastor:  Jenny Shultz-Thomas
Moderator:  Jane Smith
Past Moderator:  Frank Gailor
Moderator-Elect:  Grady McCallie
Clerk:  Megan Fackler-Bretz
Treasurer:  Lavon Page
Community Outreach Ministry Chair:  Maria Mayorga
Deacons Chair:  Joe Retzer
Property Chair:  Skip Stoddard
Religious Education Chair:  Suzette Roach
Social Justice Co-Chair:  Gary Smith
Welcoming and Fellowship Chair:  Susan Atkinson

Bill Lamb (Stewardship Chair) will be with us in spirit.

- submitted by Jane Smith, Moderator

Friday, August 4, 2017

August Summer*Daze Cancelled

August Summer*Daze is cancelled
Have you noticed how hot is has gotten?  The Summer*Daze crew has and predictions are that the heat wave will continue for the next few weeks.

August Summer*Daze is cancelled.

Lectionary for the Week of August 6, 2017

Lectionary for the Week of August 6, 2017 - Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Green
Genesis 32:22-31; Psalm 17:1-7, 15 or Isaiah 55:1-5; Psalm 145:8-9, 14-21;
Romans 9:1-5; Matthew 14:13-21
Hiroshima Day of Remembrance

Opportunities for the Week of August 6, 2017

Sunday 8/06     
  9:00am - Taizé Worship – Sanctuary
  9:30am - Adult Sunday School - Bradow Room
10:30am - Worship Service with Communion - Sanctuary
10:45am - Children’s Church - Sunday School Room
10:45am - Youth Church School - Youth Room
11:45am - Fellowship - Vaughan Fellowship Hall
  4:00pm - Covenant Community - Bradow Room
Monday 8/07  
12:15pm - Monday Lunch Group - Hoffmann Room
Tuesday 8/08
10:30am - Office Staff Meeting - Pilgrim House  
Wednesday 8/09   
  9:30am - Tai Chi – Vaughan Fellowship Hall
Saturday 8/12   
  9:30am - Saturday Morning Book Club – Library
Sunday 8/13    
  9:00am - Taizé Worship – Sanctuary
  9:30am - Adult Sunday School - Bradow Room
  9:30am - Choir Practice - Sanctuary
10:30am - Worship Service - Sanctuary
10:45am - Children’s Church - Sunday School Room
10:45am - Youth Church School - Youth Room
11:45am - Fellowship - Vaughan Fellowship Hall
12:00pm - Caring Committee - Bradow Room
12:00pm - Community Outreach Ministry - Hoffmann Room
12:00pm - Economic Justice Task Force Meeting - Library
  4:00pm - Covenant Community - Bradow Room

Sunday School News

Sunday School News
The garden is producing eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and squash. We have donated a little over 80 pounds to Plant a Row . Thank you to Carol Clark and Bill Lamb for donating from their gardens. Anyone can donate; just drop your vegetables off at the cash register at Logan's and tell them you are donating for CUCC. It will help our total and help feed the hungry!

Preschool This Fall
This fall we will be adding a preschool Sunday School class for children 3-K. We follow the Wake County Schools cutoff date for enrollment. A child must be three by August 31st to move from the nursery to the preschool class. We are excited to be able to offer this class. Our volunteers in the nursery, preschool and elementary class make it possible for us to do this. If you are interested in working with our children a couple of times a year please let Jenny know.
Third Grade Bibles
Traditionally the church presents Bibles to rising third graders. If you have a rising third grader please be sure you have sent Anne Bailey the name as you would like it printed on the Bible.  If you have an older child who has not received a Bible you may send his or her name to Anne Bailey also. We will be ordering Bibles the first week of August. The date of the presentation will be announced as soon as it is determined.

Youth News

This will be a stellar year for CUCC Youth!  So many activities and events to look forward to - too many to list here; they are all listed on the CUCC website (  But here are a few highlights for September and October:

September 10: Beginning September 10, the Youth Group will meet every 2nd Sunday
(We will skip Oct. & Jan. due to lock-ins)
September 17: Church School begins.  Confirmation class begins.
September 19: Peace Picnic 5:30-6:30pm at Loaves & Fishes
September 29: Parent Youth Kick-Off Meeting, 5:30-6:30pm, VFH
September 29 - October 1: Youth Beach Retreat Weekend
October 8: Walk for Hope
October 12-14: Friday the 13th Youth Lock-in
October 15: Blessing of the Animals (Provided by Children's Ministry)
October 21: Octoberfest (Church-wide)
October 22: CROP Walk, 3:00pm, Broughton HS

August Celebrating Our Elders cancelled

The summer is busy and hot, and CUCC folks are enjoying their summer vacations.  The Religious Education Ministry decided to cancel the August Celebrating Our Elders event, but has exciting things in store for the fall.

Prescription Eyeglasses Requested

If you have prescription eyeglasses or readers (not sunglasses) to donate for the community health fair at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, please bring them to Joan McAllister before August 20. There is a bag on the bulletin board in the hallway to place them, or give them to Joan directly.  You may also drop them off at the church office during business hours.

Seven Steps to Becoming a Better Ally

Have you ever noticed that, even in our work for social justice, we often end up working alongside people who are largely similar to ourselves? Similar in terms of class, race, education level, culture, religion, etc.? Although we usually agree that diverse coalitions are more just and more effective, getting there can be hard.

This series will explore what it means to be an ally--to work in solidarity with others from different backgrounds than ourselves to reach social justice goals. We will explore the internal work of understanding our own biases and privileges, and the external work of finding ally partners and building fair and responsible relationships. Participants will receive a copy of my forthcoming self-published book: The Education of a Novice Ally: Learning to be a Middle Class Ally in the Work to End Poverty. (Reading the book is not required to participate.) My ideas about allyship come from my experience working across class lines on economic justice and anti-poverty issues, but allyship is relevant to any social justice issue and any barriers of social division.

photo of Annaka Sikkink smiling at camera
Annaka Sikkink
Please join with me in discerning how to bring an ethic of allyship/solidarity to the social justice efforts we undertake as individuals, members of organizations, and a people of faith.

September 17 thru November 5, 9:30-10:15AM, Fellowship Hall
Sponsored by: Economic Justice Task Force, Social Justice Ministry and the White Privilege Study Group
Facilitated by: Annaka Sikkink

If you would like to request a complimentary copy of Annaka's book, please email her NOW at or sign up in the fellowship hall after worship.   The book will be available Sept. 17.

Wright Center Meal

     Thanks to Maria Mayorga and Jason Myers and their kids for preparing and serving the Wright Center meal Sunday June 18. They went over and beyond the call of duty doing it all on
Father's Day.

         Thanks to Julia and John Robertson for serving the WC meal on July 16. Thanks also to Joan McAllister, Sue Cottle and Julia Robertson for preparing the food. If you would like to
assist in the Wright Center meals, please contact Laura Upchurch at or call at 919-616-8285.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Have a question for our municipal candidates?

This fall folks in Wake County will be electing mayors and councilors from all of our municipalities. The Justice in a Changing Climate group will be submitting a climate-change-and-low-resources-folks question to candidates.  If you or your group has a question AND if you are willing to contact a few candidates to get their answer,  let Jane Smith know by August 13.  We can submit our questions together and post their answers on CUCC's website for all to read.

October 10 - Raleigh and Cary municipal elections
November 7 - Angier, Apex, Durham, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Morrisville, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, and Zebulon municipal elections

Register to vote here

Reach Jane at

The Wild Goose what?

Come to Jane and Gary Smith's home on Tuesday, August 22, from 7-8PM.  Over beer and snacks, the Smiths will regale you with stories from this summer's Wild Goose Festival.  RSVP to Jane so we have enough beer and she can give you directions.  Don't be shy; if we haven't met you yet, it's time we did!  Children are welcome to play in our garden room while you listen, as long as they don't need to be supervised by us.

One of those people, beer in hand, is Gary at Beer and Hymns.
Only one of many tents and activities.
Imagine several thousand people of all ages camping in the woods on NC's mountains for a long weekend. From 10am-6pm there are hour-long sessions, 8 choices at a time, on everything from how to build a cross-cultural coalition to healing from "whiteness" to how to write a song for the movement to the sacred stories of tattoos (and you could get one there!).  Participate in a live-streamed podcast, attend a panel, brainstorm a justice problem, recite your poem at a slam, fashion something new at the art tent, or sip a frosty glass at the daily gathering to sing old hymns.  Interwoven are spiritual practices - communion with the Anglicans, symbol-rich worship with The Many, study
On right, 2 of the 3 UCC pastors who
officiated at the closing communion.
UCC was in the house!
of mindfulness with a Buddhist monk, yoga by the river, and 12-step gatherings.  This year's 4 main tent worship services featured Trinity UCC's Rev. Otis Moss III & 35 members of their choir, Rev. William Barber, Rev. Nadia Boltz-Weber, and "nun on the bus" Sister Simone Campbell.  Every night we unwound with music on the main stage from jazz to country to folk, one performance after another, dancing encouraged.  A place where questions are the norm, post-Christian is the common language, and conversations with strangers become deep quickly, the festival is a place where justice, spirituality and the arts intertwine under the wings of the Wild Goose (an ancient Christian symbol of the Holy Spirit).

Congregational Meeting - Nov. 19

Change your calendars!  CUCC's third annual meeting for 2017 will be Sunday, November 19.

- submitted by Jane Smith for the Council

Saturday, July 8, 2017

From the Pastor

I Have a Frisbee
Written by Vicki Kemper
June 27, 2017 (Reprinted from

Give me an undivided heart to revere your name. I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart. - Psalm 86:11-12
     There's undivided, and then there's complete. There's whole, and then there's overflowing with radiant joy.
     Sister Helen of the Eucharist has been a nun for 67 years. That's a lot of time to revere God's name. "You were not born," she says, "and I was already a nun."
     She was nine years old when she wrote a letter to her parents saying she wanted to enter the convent; now she is 85. She loves Christ's body and blood so much that she made it part of her name.
     "I have a banquet every day," she smiles.
     She spends the better part of each day praying and singing, reading and doing a little manual labor.
     For most of us, "undivided" can sound both boring and scary. We worry about what we might miss if we gave more of our heart to God. It can be hard to imagine a life in which God alone is enough.
     Sister Helen had plenty of opportunities, but the one she constantly chose and re-chose was the path to God's heart. She believes our desire for God is more important than the path we take. She knows the joy of the chase and the wholeness that comes from perpetual praise.
     "I am extremely happy," she says.
     We don't have to leave the world to develop an undivided heart. We needn't live behind
cloistered walls to become whole. And who says life with God can't be fun?
     Sister Helen of the Eucharist, a former left-handed tennis champion, still loves to play.
     "I have a Frisbee," she says.

For Frisbee-throwing nuns, I give you thanks with my whole heart. May I know such joy in following you.

About the Author
Vicki Kemper is the Pastor of First Congregational, UCC, of Amherst, Massachusetts.

From the Pastor

Remembering Grace
June 23, 2017
Written by Emily Heath

"I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance. I know that you cannot tolerate evildoers; you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them to be false… But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.  Remember then from what you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first." 
- Revelation 2:2,4-5

Perhaps this is wrong, but I have a hard time trusting church people who never admit

I don't mean imperfection of the minor kind. I don't care that your kids' school lunches aren't perfectly balanced, or that you skipped yoga class three times last week. I mean real imperfection. You got addicted to something. You got fired from your job. Or you messed up big time and it was all your fault.

When people and things at a church are just a little too neat and tidy, I get a little curious about that church's spiritual life. Why? Because no one's life is neat and tidy, and Christians should be the first ones to admit that.

Christians are people who have received grace. We should be people who know at our bedrock that we once were broken badly, and that God loved us and lifted us up.

I was recently speaking at a conference and I was asked what I saw as the best indication that a congregation will die. I replied, "A church that is full of people who cannot tell you about God's grace in their own lives."

Why? Because people who know that they have received God's grace, and who don't forget it, know what church is all about. It's not about keeping up appearances. It's not about appearing morally righteous. It's not about saying the right things and getting ahead. It's about knowing that you once were lost and now are found.

Until we are a church full of people that can tell the stories of our rock bottoms without shame, we will never be a church that truly can share God's grace.


God, thank you for lifting me up. Please help me to remember that I did not pull myself up on my own. Amen. 

About the Author
Emily C. Heath is the Senior Pastor of the Congregational Church in Exeter, 
New Hampshire, & the author of Glorify: Reclaiming the Heart of Progressive Christianity.


Sunday          7/09     9:00am          Taizé Worship – Sanctuary
                                   9:30am          Choir Practice - Sanctuary
                                   9:30am          Adult Bible Study - Bradow Room
                                 10:30am          Worship Service - Sanctuary
                                 10:45am          Children’s Church School - Sunday School Rooms
                                 10:45am          Youth Church School - Youth Room
                                 11:45am          Fellowship - P2E Social - Vaughan Fellowship Hall
                                   4:00pm          Covenant Community - Bradow Room
Monday         7/10   12:15pm          Monday Lunch Group - Hoffmann Room
Tuesday        7/11      6:30pm          Life & Faith - O’Malley’s Restaurant & Pub,
                                                                               5228 Hollyridge Rd., Raleigh, NC 27612                                                                                                                                                 
Wednesday  7/12      9:30am          Tai Chi – Vaughan Fellowship Hall
Friday          7/14       6:30pm          Dinner & Movie - Vaughan Fellowship Hall
                                                           (Contact Lavon Page if you are interested and did
                                                            not purchase this during the Auction.)

Saturday      7/15      9:30am          Saturday Morning Book Club – Library
Sunday         7/16      9:00am          Taizé Worship – Sanctuary
                                   9:30am          Adult Sunday School - Bradow Room
                                 10:30am          Worship Service - Sanctuary
                                 10:45am          Children’s Church - Sunday School Room
                                 10:45am          Youth Church School - Youth Room
                                 11:45am          Fellowship - Vaughan Fellowship Hall

                                   4:00pm          Covenant Community - Bradow Room