Friday, January 6, 2017

Describing the division

Anyone who didn't sleep through the past year knows that America is a seriously divided country. Some folks talk in terms of "red state" America vs. "blue state" America. A recent article by Robert Leonard (a resident of Iowa) argues that a more accurate view is provided by thinking in terms of "red county" America vs. "blue county" America.

In my experience, the urban-rural divide isn’t really so much a red state versus blue state issue, it’s red county versus blue county. Rural Iowans have more in common with the rural residents of Washington State and New Mexico — places I’ve also lived — than with the residents of Des Moines, Seattle and Albuquerque.

Robert Leonard's article rings true for me more so than any piece I've read which purports to portray how rural people think, i.e. what the cultural divide looks like from "the other side." I recommend the article as a way of furthering understanding on the nature of the divide.

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