Friday, March 17, 2017

What happened February 20 at Council?

During the transition process, members of the congregation expressed a desire to improve how we train, support, and release church leaders.  

Your church council took another step toward that goal by combining orientation and business during its first meeting of the “class of 2017.”  Pastor Jenny helped us think strategically:  we are doing ____ “so that” _____. [You will hear “so that” more and more around CUCC.]  We paired up for a laugh-inducing game of Council Trivia to learn (and improve) the ways we do Council business.  [Congratulations to teams Gary/Grady and Maria/Susan on their trivia victory and prize.  I owe everyone on Council the traditional trivia-player’s beer!]   Treasurer Lavon filled us in on our financial health (good so far, but keep those pledged contributions coming) and Jane did a whirlwind introduction to ongoing business for 2017.

Also during the transition and at congregational meetings, members of the congregation expressed a desire to strengthen our relationship with the United Church of Christ.  

The Council urges you to consider being part of the group from CUCC who will be attending the Southern Conference annual meeting (June 22-24, Virginia Beach) or to soak up the atmosphere and resources at the denomination’s General Synod (June 30-July 4, Baltimore).

Not just a meeting of delegates, the Southern Conference’s annual meeting is a gathering of the members of the UCC in the south.  Traditionally congregations send large groups; attending together is part of the fun.  This year Council wants CUCC to send a group, too; let’s experience the meeting together to bring home a variety of impressions and ideas.

The Southern Conference is transforming.  Members of congregations who had been at odds with one another over past disagreements have done the hard work of healing – still a work in progress – and lines of theology, structure, and politics which divide us are being transcended within the family of Christ.  If you have been longing for a place to get to know people who are not like you, this is a perfect opportunity to learn from those who are paving the way toward healing and relationship building.  Yes, the annual meeting brings us together to discuss the business of the Conference, but more than that, it brings us together to delight in one another.

If you would be willing to be part of CUCC’s group attending the Southern Conference Annual Meeting, contact me (  Let me know if you need financial assistance.  The registration form provides logistical details about the gathering.

[Council would be delighted if one or more people chose to attend the General Synod.   If that is your interest, contact me]

- submitted by Jane Smith, Council Moderator