Thursday, March 30, 2017

YOUTH LED WORSHIP, APRIL 2 - Bring A Food Bag Item To Youth Led Worship

Our Youth Led Worship will be on April 2. Please join us as we explore the question: What if everyone had enough? The Youth ask you to please bring a food bag item, or an entire food bag, on April 2, and help Urban Ministries Food Pantry provide our neighbors with enough food to eat this month. Please place your food contributions in the shopping cart in the narthex outside the Sanctuary. A bank to collect monetary contributions will also be in the grocery cart. A food bag costs about $20 to fill, and anything you can give is appreciated!

Each food bag contains:
1 lb. rice      
1 lb. grits    
1 lb. dried beans,
1 jar peanut butter       
2 cans tomatoes 
1 can carrots,                    
2 qts. dried milk 
2 cans or jars of applesauce 
2 boxes of mac & cheese
2 cans of navy, pinto, or kidney beans (NO GREEN BEANS).

Urban Ministries adds assorted meats, fresh veggies, canned foods, and other staples – enough to feed the household for a week. Thank you for supporting this important and vital