Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Climate Change Efforts Happening at CUCC

The “United Church of Christ News” published a wonderful article on the climate change efforts happening at CUCC and Congregational Church in Cumberland this week.  The article is entitled “Two UCC churches named ‘Cool Congregations’ for creation care projects”.  You can read it here
CUCC created the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force (JCC) because the Church has a unique role in action and education on climate change.  According to the 2014 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “Risks (from climate change) are unevenly distributed and are generally greater for disadvantaged people and communities in countries at all levels of development”.   This increased risk to the “least of these” demands that we must engage.  Forms of engagement will come from where our hearts call us, and hands-on action to help individuals, and advocacy to change systems in favor of the disadvantaged are both important.  In addition, loving conversations with those of faith who have not yet learned of climate change’s impact on the poor are also critical to enable them to find their heart’s calling and to engage as well. 

We would love for you to “engage” with the JCC.  If you’re interested, speak with any of us: Judy and Paul Kiel, Jason Myers, Maria Mayorga, Lena Gallitano, Marty Lamb, John and Adrienne Little, Grady McCallie, Jim Smith, Deb and Todd Lipman, Skip Stoddard, Ron Howell or Jane and Gary Smith.