Saturday, March 4, 2017

CUCC wins IPL award

CUCC Wins Interfaith Power and Light Cool Congregations Challenge!

Every year the Cool Congregations Challenge of the nation-wide faith based climate change organization, Interfaith Power and Light, celebrates the hard work being done by congregations across the country to address global warming by reducing their carbon footprint and by becoming inspirations to their members and communities.  There are five awards given nationally. 

This year Community UCC and our Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force were honored and blessed to receive the IPL “Community Inspiration” award!  Wow!  You can find our story and that of the other four winners at

The work for this award was the result of great efforts by many people, both within and beyond CUCC.  God’s blessings and thanks for you all.  Nothing gets done without you!

According the IPL article written about us:
”As people of faith, [climate change] challenged [CUCC] to work to decrease climate change and ensure that the poor were not left behind as the world warmed.”
“Community United Church of Christ took to heart the mission of making the world
a better place. They did this in two ways: Installing solar panels to reduce the church’s own carbon footprint and Helping those in their community most impacted by climate change to weatherize their homes. The results were impressive– the church was able to reduce its CO2 by 7 tons per year and the weatherized homes saved energy (6 tons of CO2 reduction), and benefited from lower energy bills and more comfortable homes.”
       – Submitted by Gary Smith, for the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force.