Monday, March 27, 2017

Hilton points or $ for our SOC team?

Do you have rewards points for the Hilton family of hotels that you could offer to CUCC?  Or would you make a financial contribution to defray the lodging costs of our team?

During our transition time, CUCC members expressed a desire to strengthen our relationship with the United Church of  Christ and the other congregations of the Southern Conference.  Toward that goal, Council has invited you to attend the Southern Conference Annual Meeting June 22-24 in Virginia Beach (there are still openings - contact Jane Smith if you are interested).  We want to send a team along with our one voting delegate.

One of the significant costs is the hotel (DoubleTree) at a negotiated rate of $199/night.  That's where you come in.  If you have points with the Hilton family of hotels, you can donate them to defray the costs of our team members.  Contact Jane Smith.

Alternatively, if you support the effort to connect to the UCC and our local churches, you can make a financial contribution.  Write "annual meeting" on the memo line and put your donation in the offering plate or drop it off in the church office.