Friday, March 17, 2017

JCC Lenten Food Series 2017 Sundays at 7 PM March 12 to April 7

Please note that the Series is on Sundays at 7
not Mondays as originally published

Our diet and Climate Change:  How we can decrease the crisis with our forks.  
What we eat impacts the climate, our environment, our health and the ability of others to eat as well.  The Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force will provide 5 diverse offerings during lent to help us to think, learn and eat.  All events are open to everyone.

1.    March 12  at 7 PM:   “Meet Some Veg-heads”:  Skip Stoddard, Hillary Stoddard, Julie Robertson, Betsy Towler will kick off the series with an evening where they will discuss, provide information and answer questions on why they are vegetarian or vegan (Health, Environment, Ethics).  They will also provide a handout with list of books and films.  Vegetarian hors d’oeuvres will be served.
  • This was terrific last night!! If you missed it and want us to do it again, let Gary or Skip know.
2.    March 19 – April 9  at 7 PM:  Book study: “The Restore-Our-Planet Diet: Food Choices, Our Environment, and Our Health”. by Patricia Tallman PhD; led by Gary Smith.    The book provides information on the impacts of our diet on the climate, pollution and diseases, and it provides many low impact, tasty recipes.

March 19:  Discuss Chapter 1:  The Environmental Costs of Meat and Dairy Consumption

March 26:  Discuss Chapter 2:  The Health Impacts of Meat and Dairy Consumption

April 2:  Discuss Chapters 3 – 7 and their recipes:  “How Veganizing Beef, Pork or Chicken Recipes Environmental and Nutritional Parameters” and “What are Humans Designed to Eat?”

April 7:  Discuss Chapters 8 – 11 and their recipes:  Vegetables, beans, grains, Tofu, Dairy.  And discuss “Do I really want to, and can I do this?”  

3.   April 23 after worship:  “I love Food” Potluck:  Jane Smith and Maria Mayorga will host a potluck to allow everyone to show what they have learned and how good it tastes to eat in a lower impact way. For questions, contact Gary Smith at