Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mini BYC Relationship and Sexuality Retreat

Registration for Mini BYC Relationship and Sexuality Retreat is due April 2, which is the Sunday of Youth-Led Worship! Please turn in registration forms and payment to Julie Robertson. 

Retreat will be May 5-7!

Parents, don't let your youth miss this excellent opportunity - it doesn't happen often, and we have hired an amazing and talented retreat leader who specializes in relationship and sexuality retreats for youth. This will not duplicate what your youth has been taught in school or learned through any other curriculum. 

This retreat will help youth:
strengthen self knowledge and self respect 
increase self confidence
create and maintain healthy relationships
set boundaries
communicate clearly
build community

Youth, don't miss this Mini-BYC Retreat!
Just like BYC: catch up with BYC friends!
Just like BYC: Be in the beauty of the natural world at Camp Chestnut Ridge!
Just like BYC: have geat discussions, play games, and learn from awesome BYC Youth Leader, Lyndsey Godwin! 
Unlike BYC: enjoy GREAT food all weekend!

Registration form 

Again - registration is due April 2!

Parents: There will be a Pre-Retreat Parent Meeting on Sunday, April 23, after worship, upstairs in Pilgrim House.

- submitted by Śānti Matthews