Thursday, April 13, 2017

Family Fun Auction

CUCC Family Fun Auction
Saturday, April 22, 6:30pm
Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Auction catalogs
Cash and carry (Priced as mark; pay and take it with you)
Silent auction (Throughout the evening write your bid on the adjacent piece of paper.  Make sure no one sneaks in and outbids you!)
Live auction (Auctioneer Tim Jensen will lead us through the bidding.)

Description of Joan's donated auction dinner
Description of Lavon's donated film festival

Can't make it to the auction, but want to bid?  Fill out your auction proxy and authorize a trusted friend to bid for you.

auction snacks
Time for a heads-up on one of the best CUCC events of the year! Put Saturday, April 22, on your calendar right now.  Social time and silent auction begin at 6:30 pm; the live auction starts at 7:00 pm.  Drinks, snacks and child care will be provided.

Parents, tell us the ages of your children so we provide enough childcare.  There are child-friendly-priced items for sale.

Submit your items for the auction by April 16 (Easter) 
submit online  
download a paper form and turn in at the office

Lots of laughter during the frenzied bidding
A great time is guaranteed!!

Use the submission forms above for your donations to the auction.  It’s more than stuff. Think about hosting a garden party or game night; do you have a mountain get-away you can share? How about a trip to the art museum you would be willing to lead?

  • It's a cheap date: $5 to bid and you don't have to pay a babysitter - child care is included.
  • Help us raise important funds for CUCC and have fun doing it.
  • Bill has a few more jars of VERY local honey (Ymm!)
  • Cash and carry -
    small items that require no bids
  • You can have a great time with friends and still be home by 9:30.