Friday, April 21, 2017

Bring your food values! Potluck, April 23

What values do you celebrate in the foods you choose - to buy, to cook, to eat, to share?

Bring a dish to share at the "I Love Food" potluck, Sunday, April 23, after worship.  Choose something that exemplifies one of your food values.  No judgment; just fun!

One of CUCC's food values = hospitality.  Please bring extra servings.  April 23 we'll give the 2017 Carolyn and Cyrus King Award for Peace and Justice.  We expect extra guests so we'll need more food than the usual potluck.

Another CUCC value = health.  Please, NO nuts (ground or tree), nut oils or milks made from nuts (like almond milk.

The Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force helped CUCC focus during Lent on the food values that connect to climate change.  The JCC sponsored a study/food tasting series on eating vegetarian and vegan and the Community Supported Agriculture info exchange.  But they realized that food values are woven throughout the seasons of Lent and Easter.

Be inspired!  What are the food values in these CUCC events?

Buying local from farmers you can get to know.  Why not go to the grocery store?

Studying and tasting vegetarian and vegan foods.  Why learn to cook a new way?

Focusing on economic justice during youth-led worship.  How is food a  economic justice issue?

Palm Sunday Easter egg hunt. Why eggs?  Why treats?  Why don't adults do this?

Monday Lunch Group healing service Holy Monday. Why do they eat lunch?  How does lunch connect to healing?

Eating a meal with St. Paul's Christian Church on Maundy Thursday. Why soup and bread, not a three-course meal?  Why invite another congregation?

Participating in communion Maundy Thursday  Jesus served wine and unleavened bread.  Why do we use grape juice and leavened bread + gluten-free waifers?  Why eat during worship?

Bringing our donations to One Great Hour of Sharing on Easter Sunday.  Why do we give?

Walking in the March for Science - Raleigh.  What does science have to do with food values?

Snacking and drinking wine at the CUCC Family Fun Auction.  Why food at an auction?  Why wine?

Buying food events at the auction.  Why do people pay good money to gather with people not of their choosing and eat food made by amateurs?

Celebrating our food values at the I Love Food potluck.  Why would anyone care what is important to you about why you eat what you eat?